Stress is often something we don't know how to deal with. Often time we don't know coping methods. Most times stress can cause different problems. Those problems can be emotional, physical or just health issue related. Stress is something that is very common among people but isn't dealt with in proper ways. If you learn how to actually destress your body and give it time to just adjust and bring positivity in life than you will be at a much better stage. Stress doesn't do good for anyway so knowing these ten ways to cope with it will be helpful.

1. Write five things your grateful for each day!

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By writing down five things you are grateful for each day will help you relax and will help you be more grateful. Instead of focusing on the stressor, you will be focusing on the five things that you have and are grateful for. We all have taken much for granted and being thankful about what's in your life before its gone is crucial.

2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day!

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Exercising is a great way to de-stress. Taking thirty minutes off just for your body and also to just focus on something else for a bit of time is always relaxing.

3. Talk about what is going on!

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We all have people who we can open up to. When you talk to someone who you trust and feel comfortable around it does soothe you in a way and it feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

4. Try and keep a journal!

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Journaling is argued not to be for everyone. However, trying never hurts. Keeping a journal just to write thoughts in or just write random things can really help.

5. Take a nature walk!

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Believe it or not but walking in nature just helps you de-stress and plus if you are into photography its a nice way to capture the finest beauties.

6. Maybe it's time to travel a bit more!

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Don't we all wish we could get away from our problems even for a little while? Well, traveling is a great option because exploring new places will take away from stress. You don't always have to travel far maybe just going to do Mackinac Island will do.

7. Drink vanilla or lavender tea!

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Drinking vanilla or lavender flavored tea has many benefits. The biggest benefit of both is that they have the ability to help you de-stress and also they make you feel good.

8. Maybe socializing more can help too!

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Another way to destress is to just socialize. Go to local events, or even events on campus and you would be amazed by how many people you meet.

9.  Doing a creative activity like reading or coloring can help.

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They say coloring has a way to soothe you. I find that to be true, whether it's coloring, painting or doing freehand its a wonderful and calming way to de-stress. Reading also has that ability to just calm you and make you forget about your problems at hand.

10. POSTIVE self talk!

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Aren't we all used to always thinking negatively about ourselves? We often always think about what we could have done differently. We never think about the fact the maybe it's just meant to be this way.