While the government being able to “shut down” still boggles me, the fact that our troops are not to be paid during this time completely baffles me all the more. I’m not a politician-there are more things I don’t comprehend than I do-but I feel like this issue is common sense and, even more importantly, a matter of respect. Disprespect that is.

Our troops make many sacrifices for our country. That seems so obvious it shouldn’t even need to be said, but I think our government forgets that at times. Especially in this situation where hard-working, putting-their-lives-on-the-line, family-missing, stressed service men and women aren’t getting paid. Their lack of pay has nothing to do with their performance or the amount of time they’ve served. It has nothing to do with their current mission or any infractions they’ve committed. It’s due to Washington politicians not being able to agree. On issues that have nothing to do with the military. Yet those politicians who aren’t working efficiently are getting paid. Something does not add up.

Why in the world are we rewarding people with paychecks for not getting their job done? Why in the world are we NOT paying people who are giving their all-willing to give their LIVES? Like I said, I don’t understand politics and the economy, but I really would like to become educated in this matter. Where and why is there a clause or condition or law that says this?

In any other American job, I believe the rule is if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Except in Washington I guess. If these politicians really want to earn and keep the respect of their constituents, I think the right thing for them to do is give up their pay during this shut down and speak up for our heroes. If their pay is more important than supporting our freedom-protectors, then I don’t think American politics is the right job for them. Things need to change.