5 Reasons You Deserve More Than What You're Settling For
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5 Reasons You Deserve More Than What You're Settling For

If you can dream it, and if you want it badly enough, you can achieve it.

5 Reasons You Deserve More Than What You're Settling For

Settling is overrated. Trust me, I know this better than anyone. It doesn't provide the sense of security that many people believe it does. It's toxic and will destroy your life if it isn't confronted and dealt with. When harsh realities of life toss you upside down, it becomes easier to lower your standards and expect less than what you deserve.

In our generation, people are apt to complain about their circumstances and situations but not do anything about them. But actions speak louder than words. This is the forgotten truth that comes with making changes for the higher good in life. It made me believe that, once I confronted my fears, all was finished but that mentality would soon change.

All humans have that condescending voice in the back of their heads. Its purpose is to deteriorate a person from growing as an individual. At some point, you become its accomplice because you aren't actively trying to fight the negative influences of your mind. When you're not fighting for what you deserve and are surrendering to the negative influence, you're adding fuel to the fire.

There are infinite reasons someone may settle for less. Sometimes, it's due to the actions and opinions of other people, but no person's fate is predetermined. It's the insecurities in your head that coerces you into believing that. Once you confront those internalized fears, doors will open. You'll elevate yourself to a higher existence, one where you'll only have to grasp for your dreams and goals to achieve them.

But first, here are the five most common reasons why people settle for less than what they deserve.

Lack of Motivation

Inspiration is a tricky subject in people's lives. Some people are natural channelers, receiving it here and now, and other people wait their entire lives to be inspired to do something.

A lack of motivation conceals from people what they are capable of. The power of motivation can connect people to their dormant potential. It's an important key in elevating to your higher self.

It's why you hear many celebrities or successful individuals say they never gave up, and it's how they accomplished their dreams. They were motivated through their process, and it pushed them to keep trying until they accomplished what they aspired to achieve.

When you lack motivation, you'll never go the extra mile to achieve something you deserve. And, even beyond that, you won't see the point in working for anything.

People Pleaser

You'd rather focus on pleasing everyone else before pleasing yourself. You ignore your own personal needs and wants, and it becomes hard to work on yourself after being so invested in others.

This is another defensive mechanism because you're deflecting and using other people as a reason you've settled for less. This is mistreatment of yourself, and it's why so many people are late in achieving their dreams.

They put other matters and people in front of their own goals, but you must be selfish to achieve your goals. Take, for instance, a mother and a child. She wants to go back to college but has the obligations of motherhood. At first, she could decide not to go back to school, but there are alternatives such as online college or even going to college while her child is at school during the day.

If you have to do things for people in your life, there's always a way to still make time for yourself.


This is the opposite of having a lack of motivation. Your ego warps the reality in your head and influences you to believe that you've already reached the best position in your life — something that is extremely wrong because everyone has room to grow and become a better person. But people feel entitled in their lives and will justify the means of how great it is to them.

Your ego is destructive. It will cause you to be stubborn and become unreceptive to advice from other people. This continual denial will push people and opportunities out of your life, and when it deflates due to your failures, no one will want to help.

Unworthy Mentality

You criticize yourself into believing that you don't deserve something better. You psychologically force yourself to believe you're not enough and that you'd never achieve your dreams. You sabotage your own life because of the fear of being a failure. And you won't allow yourself to jump out on a limb.

It'll hold you back and force you to think in the worst way about yourself. It's hard to understand your true worth when you only see the bad in yourself. This was a big one I struggled with when I was younger.

You are capable of what you put your mind to, and no one's opinions can change that fact — only your own can.

Have hope. Believe that you can achieve your goals, no matter what outlying factors exist outside of those goals. Settling may sound like the easiest option, but nothing is worse than regretting what you could have done earlier on.

If you can dream it, and if you want it badly enough, you can achieve it.

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