'Descendants 3' Stars and Disney Pay Tribute to Cameron Boyce
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'Descendants 3' Stars and Disney Pay Tribute to Cameron Boyce

"This movie belongs to you."

'Descendants 3' Stars and Disney Pay Tribute to Cameron Boyce

Descendants 3 aired on Friday, August 2—which premiered on Disney Channel almost a month after Cameron Boyce tragically died of epilepsy at age 20 on July 7. Disney Channel honored the legacy of Boyce by adding a tribute to the ending credits of the final film.

The emotional two-minute tribute video, titled "For Cameron," focused on the things Boyce accomplished and the many lives he touched throughout his life on the Disney Channel. The footage featured a montage of videos and photos of the star dancing, smiling, and acting from his days as a child on "Jessie," in which he appeared for four seasons alongside star Debby Ryan, to behind-the-scenes moments of all three "Descendants" movies he starred in. That said, Debby Ryan, Michelle Obama, and director Kenny Ortega were all featured in other touching clips joking around and laughing with the actor.

Throughout the tribute, the words "Everything you are. Every smile, every laugh, every dance, every hug, every moment, everyone you touched. You mean everything to us," flashed across the screen, emphasizing how much Cameron Boyce is loved and will be missed. Moreover, it ended with advice to viewers on how to cope with loss. "No one deals with grief the same way," the graphic reads, reminding us that it's normal to feel a mix of emotions. "You'll feel better with hugs, support, hope, time."

For Cameronyoutu.be

Still mourning the loss of Boyce, his Descendants family, including Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, and China Anne McClain, paid tribute to Boyce as well via Instagram.

Dove Cameron, who plays Mal, shared multiple photos from her time filming all three Descendants movies. Her string of behind-the-scenes content began when she posted a photo of the core four on set. "[M]y family. big night tonight" she captioned the photo.

Immediately after posting that picture, she shared a screenshot of an old text conversation with her co-stars Boyce, Carson, and Stewart. In the group message, they proclaimed their love for one another.

The next day she posted a behind-the-scenes blooper video from the Descendants set as a final farewell post to the Descendants franchise. In the post, she spoke of Boyce—"[W]ords fail me. my heart is heavy with pain, and aching, agonizing love."

Sofia Carson, who portrays Evie, posted a photo of herself singing and dancing in costume alongside Boyce, Cameron, and Stewart. She captioned the photo, "[C]ore four. forever and for always."

The next day the actress wrote an emotional farewell to her character. Towards at the end of her post, she shifted the attention from Evie to Boyce. She wrote, "But most of all, my dear Evie, you gifted me with an angel...My Cam. Our Cam. Who is looking down upon us today, dancing like only he knew how, laughing like only he (in the whole world) could make us laugh, and smiling as if everyday was heaven on earth. I thank you for every hug he gave me. The warm embrace I still feel, every waking day. What I would do, to hug him today."

That same day, she shared a video of the Descendants wrap in which herself, Boyce, Stewart, and Cameron give each other a group hug. She wrote, "[D]ear cam, this one's for you."

Stewart, who plays Jay, shared a photo of his co-stars clasping hands.

He captioned the photo, "Tomorrow is the day. There aren't enough ways to say, 'thank you' that measure up to the amount of love you have all shown us and our movies. Tomorrow will be an emotional day for a lot of you and that's okay. Thank you for all of the love you have shared and continue to share. Thank you."

China Anne McClain, who portrays the pirate Uma, posted various photos and videos in honor of the film's premiere.

Her string of behind the scenes content began when she posted a photo of herself and Boyce hugging on the last day of filming. "It never gets any easier hearing your name or seeing your face, freckles," she wrote. "What you said to me on our last day of filming to make me laugh this hard in the middle of crying will always be our secret I can't believe it premieres tomorrow night. I love you forever. This movie belongs to YOU" she captioned the video.

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