Before the funding debate that led to the government shutdown, Trump bragged that he would be proud to shut down the government. He said it would be his shutdown, and you can look this up for yourself.

Now, we are in the middle of our longest shutdown since the modern budget process was adopted in 1977.

Trump is responsible for the 800,000 people not getting their paychecks. If the shutdown lasts until March, and food stamps run out, that is on Trump too.

The Democrats need to make Trump own that for the rest of his presidency. If they can do that, it will play a huge role in the outcome of the 2020 election.

However, the most important thing Democrats should do is not back down in the fight against Trump's wall.

The conservative media, which is ecstatic at the thought of any government shutdown, is trying to run the idea that both sides are to blame for the government shutdown. And without looking at it critically, they'd be right.

If the Democrats just give Trump the funding, they would be able to take credit for ending the shutdown and getting those 800,000 people their paychecks, right?

Unfortunately, we cannot do that. The Democrats must continue to oppose the wall. Think of popular stereotypes about Washington Democrats. A lot of people insinuate that they are spineless twerps that compromise on everything and let the Republicans get their way all of the time.

Democrats, for some reason, care more about appealing to voters that are already going to vote Republican than motivating non-voters that would likely vote Democratic. It's been pretty clear that, since the hyper-partisan politicking began, Republicans have been playing hardball and Democrats have been playing softball.

But all that can change if the Democrats stand firm and fight the wall. Yes, 800,000 people not getting paid is ridiculous and unfortunate. Frankly, I think every TSA agent should go on strike, and if this shutdown doesn't show you that we need public sector labor unions now more than ever, you're a lost cause.

It would send a better message if Democratic congressional leaders like Speaker Pelosi and minority leader Schumer donated their pay to a worthwhile cause instead, but that is up to them.

The Democrats need to show that this shutdown is further proof of the GOP's long disdain for the working class and giving power back to the working class could be a great 2020 strategy.

And what would a better message be for Democrats in 2020 when they get to say, we did not let Trump put up his racist wall?