You Need to Join a Delight Chapter and Here is Why
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How Delight Ministries Changed My Life

psalm 37:4


When I went to college, I was endlessly searching for my place to belong. I joined clubs (I even made my own), I huddled close to my roommates and prayed that they wouldn't find me annoying, and I clung to my boyfriend. I was so worried that I wouldn't find my place at this school that I loved so much.

As a sophomore I joined my sorority and ended my beloved baking club. Both of my close roommates were gone; moving to a new school and into their sorority houses. Again, I was left alone. I was wearing my letters but I was still not feeling like I really belonged in them.

I had been searching for a way to get closer to the Lord since I had gone through RCIA (a series of classes you can take to become Catholic) and failed to thrive in the community that was set before me there as well. I began to feel like I was supposed to find my way to the Lord on my own, so that's what I did.

I sat in my cinder block dorm room and browsed Pinterest to find inspiring Jesus quotes and bible verses to draw and print out. It wasn't until the summer of my junior year when things began to turn around for me.

A random ministry account followed me on Instagram and I had to look further. What I saw changed my life and my relationship with the Lord.

I saw an all-female ministry, made by college girls, for college girls. I followed back to be nice and DM'ed them to ask if it was okay for me to be catholic and come; a silly question I know, but it mattered to me.

On Tuesday at 8 pm, I dragged a friend with me to the student union to go to Delight's first meeting of the year. I met a ton of new faces. These faces were ones that you could see the Lord in; these girls really loved the Lord and one another so much and the atmosphere was so comforting.

I felt at home immediately, even if my friend did leave me halfway through. At the end of the meeting, I bought the book that they would be using for that semester and I haven't looked back.

Delight was such a blessing when it was placed in my life that day. Each time I went back, I met more and more girls and the girls began to recognize me and hug me and ask me questions about minuscule things I had said at prior meetings. I was finally at home.

My Delight girls taught me countless worship songs, songs that I turn to on hard days. They taught me that I could be loved even if I was vulnerable and shared with them the deepest things of my soul. I learned how to love the Lord and I learned each week how much He loves me too.

I look back at my previous two years and am so angry that I didn't know that this thing existed before. The community that I had been searching for was right in front of me, ready to welcome me with open arms and open hearts.

I look to my future and am sad because one day I will no longer be in college and will be a Delight alumnus.

Delight has given me confidence. I can pray to the Lord and say God's name out loud and not be scared or hesitant. I love God and I am able to express that in ways that I never had before.

They say when you join a sorority, you will have someone in all of your classes and bonds that will last a lifetime; sisters forever. I found that all in Delight. Those girls are my sisters and my best friends and closest confidants.

I love each of them so much and they give me confidence beyond words to be who the Lord made me to be and to be 100% unapologetic for that.

It gave me the confidence to ask a Delight leader to be my disciple so that she could help lead me through stories of the bible so I could grow in my faith and knowledge.

It gave me the confidence to run my own little summer group. I was the leader of a small group that went through stories about 'dreamers of the bible' and lead discussions and prayers.

I love this ministry with all of my heart and thank the Lord every day for it.

Online, you can subscribe to their podcast, find chapters near you or start your own, shop, and so much more. I hope that everyone is able to find their Delight, a place where they feel welcomed and loved.

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