Can You Delete Social Media Posts Forever? Maybe Not
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Your Social Media Posts Are Never Really Deleted Even When They Are

Check what you post before you post!

social media

Social media serve as an excellent platform to stay connected with loved ones or meet new individuals in a safe and secure way.

Many times people upload photos, videos, or posts relating to their thoughts on politics, food that they eat, or updates of what they are doing in their daily lives.

However, individuals must be prudent in knowing that what they upload is appropriate and not revealing too much information. Individuals should review their privacy settings to ensure that random people who shouldn't be viewing their profile do not have access to do so.

If people who do not know an individual well click onto their page and see a status that may be taken the wrong way out of context even if it is meant to be perceived another way, then this person may have a false image of the person who is posting.

Sometimes picking up on one's tone and intent online is difficult because it is tricky to sense how someone is relaying a message. Unfortunately, the best way to avoid miscommunication is by relaying information in person.

However, individuals should be clear with the core of their communique in order to present themselves in a readable manner on the Internet.

If a person is told by a close friend or family member that what they posted may come across as offensive even when the thread is meant to be portrayed as playful and light-hearted, it is too late to truly delete or edit the post after the text has already been shared.

While many people have only seen the modified version of this online posting, many people also saw the original posting that included some questionable content. With the wonders of modern technology and screen shooting, individuals are able to take photos on their devices of the unedited post prior to the newer post.

Therefore, this post is never truly deleted. Moreover, a few months ago, a Caucasian sorority girl was captured using the "n-word" in an Instagram video.

Many may argue that it is unsurprising that a sorority girl was involved in this incident due to the predominant number of Caucasian students involved in Greek life. However, this girl's affiliation does not change the fact that she is accountable for her action.

The girl has faced consequences, and even after having removed the post, the video is still a tragic but viral sensation due to its high visibility on the Internet.

While social media is a special way to share one's personal news and opinions on certain matters, individuals must practice online etiquette to ensure that future or current employers do not find skewed feed associated with one's profile. Individuals must aim to behave online as they would with others in person.

People cannot hide behind a screen and must be true to themselves in an effort to create peace and courtesy online.

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