20 Things Only A Delawarean Understands
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Student Life

20 Things Only A Delawarean Understands

The struggles are all too real.

20 Things Only A Delawarean Understands

So, Thanksgiving weekend is officially over. It's been real, Delaware friends. It's time to leave our natural habitat (Trolley Square, Grotto's... etc.) and go back to the real lives we've apparently grown into over the past couple of years. Whether it's college you're going back to, or another state where you've managed to find a job, I wish you all safe travels as you venture off back to your respective un-natural habitats.

Thanksgiving weekend is definitely an interesting one, to say the least. For Delawareans, though, it's a specific breed of interesting. All the expected hometown reunion variables are present, but the frequencies of these variables are extremely heightened in comparison to those of the variables one would expect in a less cohesive, tiny-ass state. Delaware's Thanksgiving weekend isn't just a hometown reunion - it's a homestate reunion.

Oh, Delaware friends, how do we make the outsiders understand us? As a student at a university that's located outside the borders of our bubble, I have at many times felt that my peers (over yonder) have lacked clear pictures in their heads about what it's like to be a Delawarean who's trying to adjust to living in a strange and spacious environment formally known as "Not Delaware."

Thankfully, over these past few days, I've had many opportunities to discuss these feelings with many of you guys. To be honest, I'm relieved. It's comforting to know that we all are dealing with the same out-of-state struggles.

If I had a penny for the amount of times a phrase like "I KNOW RIGHT" or "DUDE SAME" was exclaimed during a conversation I had with one of my fellow Delawareans this weekend, I would have like a dollar, which I know doesn't sound like much, but trust me, that's a lot of excitement going on.

So we've established that we share these sentiments. It's time that we shout them to the outside world. I'm writing this article now to do just that. Below I've compiled a list of notions that we Delawareans wish to make known about our experiences as we continue living amongst the people of Not Delaware; away from our tiny but mighty home.

1. Insisting that "water ice" is a thing

"Yeah yeah whatever I know it's called Italian ice... or polish ice... it's frozen yummy stuff OKAY. It's WATER based. Just ask Rita's. My girl Rita knows what's up."

2. Shamelessly calling DC "Washington" until a nice friend corrects you

".... that's my bad. I wasn't familiar with the hip terms of this strange land. Thanks for the 411"

3. Knowing that you have at least 30 mutual friends with any out-of-state UD student

"hehehe I know who you know and you don't know me, mwahaha lalala"

4. Cringing when someone says "UDel" instead of UD

"It's fine. It's not fine. Call it what you want, I don't go to school there, whatever, I'm not annoyed. It DOESN'T BOTHER ME."

5. When you pay your friend back after they bought you something and they're like uh not to be nit-picky but you forgot to add tax in

".... what're those?"

6. Not having an accent but kind of wishing you did but not really

"Does lack of accent count as an accent?"

7. Being informed about how quickly someone passes through Delaware on the highway when they're driving back to their own state

"omg it's so small hahaha" ohh??

8. Being told you're the only person someone's met from Delaware

"Hello, it's me"

9. Telling people that you're from Philly when you're in other countries because there's no point in trying to explain what a Delaware is

"I live uh, hmm, south of New York?"

10. Meeting someone else from Delaware and already liking them just because they're from Delaware

"Fancy meeting you here, friend. I feel safer now that I know I'm not alone in this strange, strange, not Delaware world."

11. Being genuinely confused when you meet someone from Delaware that you didn't already know (or know of)

"... let us now figure out the many ways that our lives are definitely connected. Oh cool. Your great aunt on your mom's side is my best friend's second grade teacher who goes to the same church as my brother's math tutor. Dope."

12. Feeling betrayed by a friend who's neglected to inform you about the presence of an additional Delawarean in the immediate vicinity


13. Fighting the urge to combat those who assert that Delaware is just a bunch of strip malls and highways

*whips out phone to show pictures*
"Appreciate this beautiful scenery. Oh look! Here's a meadow! Observe this foliage. Here's a bird flying over a sunset. This is a really old building. Agree with me that it's trendy and fun"

14. When people are like lolz how do you all fit in your state and you're like haaaa hahaha ha.. ha... ha


15. When you see a person on campus or in public wearing UD apparel

"Who are you"
"Where/when did you acquire these items"
"Would you like to be friends"

16. Hiding your inner contempt after listening to someone say Delaware's not a state

"mhmm... no YOUR state's not a state"

17. Observing a former arch-nemesis from middle school living a happy life on social media

*passively doesn't like the picture*

18. When someone asks if you know their one friend from Delaware, and you actually really dislike that person

"how do I put this nicely... your friend... uhm, sucks"

19. When someone mentions a place in Delaware that's not a beach

"Tell me more about the diverse landscape of my homeland... this pleases me"

20. Accepting that outsiders may just never understand

"I'll continue fighting for your honor, Delaware. Don't let anybody dull your sparkle"

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