It's Okay If You Do Nothing With Your Degree
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Student Life

It's Okay If You Do Nothing With Your Degree

Remember it's just a piece of paper.

It's Okay If You Do Nothing With Your Degree

After four years we finally receive a degree and upon graduation we are told we need to find something in our field. We worry and stress more in the time looking for a job after we graduate than we did to receive this degree. It's a test that not all of pass or want to pass and yet we let it determine our life.

How many people do you know who actually use their degree? Only 27 percent of people have a job in their field related to their job. One in four people actually so something with their degree. Why is that the case? Maybe because we realize that the schooling or training we had is nothing compared to the real world. Or maybe we just changed and have different desires. It is common to only want a degree in our field after we graduate. We worked so hard for it but then we can feel this pressure to stay if we don't like it.

As someone who is close to graduating, I can feel this pressure. I attend an art school and as much as a love art, I do not want to do anything in my field after I graduate. Expressing this to people has been hard for them to grasp. Why stay in this major or why stay in school? Well for my school most of the credits wouldn't transfer and for myself, all I want anymore is just a degree saying I pursued something further. I have been able to recognize it from early on and in my job searches I am open to just finding a job.

The struggle anymore is not only finding a job but finding one in your specific field. We need to stop being so narrow-minded. It is more important to find a job and if you then still want to have a job in your field to pursue it afterward. You're only building your resume from there. But for most people who are just looking for a job that is fine. Do not feel guilty for not doing anything in your field.

Today's generation are so focused on that degree and what is signifies. We let this little piece of paper dictate our whole life. Why is it so special? Does it hold special powers? It is nothing more than a piece of paper and yet we fret over it. "If I don't do something with my degree... " We get caught up in having a job in this field that we miss out on all the other amazing jobs available.

As much as we study or has hard as we try we might never get a job in our field and that is not up to us, it is up to the employer. So, while you are submitting applications don't forget to apply everywhere. You might not do something with your degree and that is fine. Do not let this degree define who you are and where you work! Good luck on the applications!

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