The Definitive Ranking Of College Theme Parties
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Student Life

The Definitive Ranking Of College Theme Parties

Because there's nothing better than showing up to a frat party in your pajamas.

The Definitive Ranking Of College Theme Parties

In my opinion, there is pretty much nothing better than themed parties. College is basically the only time in our lives where it's socially acceptable to go out in nothing but an oversized button down, some tube socks and sunglasses, even when the thermostat recommends a parka and some snow boots. That being said, there are themes that rock and themes where I would kind of rather just wear normal clothes. Here is the definitive ranking of ten themed parties (from worst to best) from a self-proclaimed themed party connoisseur.

10. Anything that has to do with dressing preppy

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Vineyard Vines, popped collars, or seersucker (and I'm definitely a strong supporter of the fact that parties with this theme usually come with alcohol that's classier than Natty Light), but this might be the worst theme. The thing about cute preppy clothes is that they tend to be a) expensive, b) nice, c) involve too much fabric to be worn in a 100+ degree frathouse, and d) things you definitely don't want someone to spill lukewarm beer on.

9. Catholic School Girls

In general, the catholic school girl theme isn't ideal. Unless you went to a catholic high school, still have your skirt, and said skirt still fits, you're pretty doomed to either running around trying to find a friend who's willing to lend you her skirt for the night, wearing an outfit that's really more appropriate for a "CEOs and Office Hoes" theme, or showing up not in theme. It also doesn't really allow any of the boys to dress up (with the exception of a few creative/hilarious ones who I once saw dressed up as priests). All in all, with the exception of when the Pope came to Philadelphia (and it was therefore basically mandatory that every party have this theme), not a great one.

8. Winter

Winter-themed parties sound like a good idea, until you remember how freaking hot it is in the frat houses where these themed parties take place. Wearing an ugly sweater or fuzzy socks and earmuffs sounds like a good idea until you've been there for about five minutes and are sweating more than the last time you had to walk up to the fourth floor of Tolentine.

7. Island Themed

To be honest, island theme is a pretty good one, especially because it often involves slightly higher-quality jungle juice than usual (or possibly even margaritas). Island theme is good because as a girl you basically have two options; you can take the cute route and wear something summery and flowered, or you can hit up one of your guy friends for one of their extra Hawaiian shirts and be super comfy the whole time. Either way, basically a win/win.

6. Hunt or Be Hunted

This theme is a little bit of a cop out because it sort of combines two themes, but that's also the reason it's so great. The possibilities are basically endless - you can go as whatever animal you happen to own the ears/print of, or take the "hunter" route and rock camouflage and maybe a bucket hat. This theme also provides the opportunity for tons of cute pictures if you and your friends go as opposite parts of the theme.

5. High School Stereotypes

High School Stereotypes is basically the way better version of the Catholic School Girls theme. While you still have the option to go as a Catholic School Girl (and trust me, people definitely will), if that's not really your thing, you can go as a jock, nerd, goth - whatever floats your boat. Bonus points if this theme party is held over your school's Candidates Weekend.

4. America

Not going to lie, part of the reason America is in the top 5 is pure patriotism. That being said, literally everyone owns something with an American flag print (or at the very least, something colored red, white, and/or blue). The most fun part of America-themed parties is that people tend to go all out for them and dress in the most ridiculous outfits, which is what themed parties are all about, right??

3. Risky Business

Personally, I love risky business themed parties. Have I even seen the movie? No. Does it matter? Not really, to be honest. All you need to know is the outfit that Tom Cruise wears in his iconic dancing scene (and a willing guy friend to lend you a button down that will probably have alcohol spilled on it some point in the night). Literally everyone, guys and girls alike, looks good in an oversized button down sans pants, plus it's insanely comfy. Win/win.

2. Workout

Workout themed parties are amazing, because you're comfortable, look super athletic (even if you aren't quite sure where the gym even is), and have plenty of flexibility to kill the dance floor. The only slight downside of this theme is there will always be some girls with rock-hard abs wearing nothing but a sports bra and some spandex. As someone who is not one of those girls, it can be pretty jealousy-inducing, but at the end of the day, you're still wearing leggings and sneaks at a party, so who cares!

1. Pajamas

Pajama themed parties slide into number one because they're pretty much the equivalent of a college slumber party. Again you can go a number of different routes here, from rocking short pj shorts and a cute tank to your fuzziest bathrobe and cozy pj pants. My only advice on this theme is remember that basically all fraternity houses are disgusting, so maybe don't wear something you are actually going to want to sleep in again someday, and definitely leave the slippers at home, because they won't survive the "frat grime" lining the basement floor.

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