In Defense Of Pyramid Schemers: We're People, Too

In the past few years, I have noticed a rise in social selling companies, also known as "pyramid schemes." I have never been one to get annoyed with the messages from other woman stating what they sell, why they sell and ending up with why I should also sell or buy the product. The reason these messages don't irritate me the way it iterates our world today is that I am a sender of the messages.

When I started working for the company I realized that people would become annoyed with my messages, my Facebook Live videos and promoting a separate Instagram just for the products I sell. I realized this would be a challenge but I work by selling products I genuinely love and I am making pretty good money.

Every time I send someone a text or post on Facebook about our new products I know that most people will angrily ignore what I have to say. Being let down should be in the job description.

Personally, I believe a job is a job. It's not about the work you do but it is about the effort and passion you put into your work and that is what I do. I am putting in effort and passion while not getting paid by the hour. The only way we make money through these social selling companies is when we find customers who will purchase our products which as you know, can be extremely hard due to the reputation we have.

I can't speak for every single company, but I know many that are the exact opposite of scams. Many of these companies you see people promoting are real companies, run by people like you and me who are passionate about something. I also can't speak for every person who reaches out to you looking for a new customer, but I can speak for myself.

What I have learned is that so many of you will get annoyed by the message that introduces ourselves and our product. As I said, I can't speak for everyone but if a response is not received, it stays at one message. We don't continue to push you to buy our products, but we would like you to at least consider us. We don't send you five links to our page in an hour, we don't tag you in our live videos. We move on and reach out for new clients.

To finally clear up the air on the idea that we need you to "join our team" is not true. We don't message you and put time into our social posts so you can steal our spot in the company and sell out. We reach out to show you what products are out there in the world.

The point of these so-called "pyramid schemes" is not to annoy you with a million messages that say, "HEY GIRL HEY!!" The point is to show you what I am passionate about and to do my job in a respectful and personal way. From our point of view, we see people talk down on what we do to make a living and what we are passionate about.

Us "pyramid schemers" don't come into your place of work and automatically shut down what you do and sell. So from every social selling company, please cut us some slack.

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