Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is time to break out the festive decorations for the holiday season! These are some things that I have done in my room or I have heard from the other people on my floor

Twinkly Lights

Nothing cheers up the boring whit walls more than string lights. I got several types of lights from Target that I put around my window and on my walls. They really brighten up the room for the cloudy winter days ahead, and give it a homey, festive atmosphere.

Mini Christmas Tree

We all know that space is very limited in a dorm room, so a mini christmas tree is a great way to still be celebratory, but without losing precious storage space. They are also very cheap. I got my tree, and all the decorations that go with it at the Dollar Store.

Gingerbread House

Making a gingerbread house is a classic Christmas tradition, and it could be a great thing for you and your roommate to do together.

Decorate Your Door

Show your Christmas spirit by decorating your door! It can be as simple or complex as you want. You could even get your whole floor involved and have a competition. You can use really anything to decorate your door: construction paper, things around your room, ornaments.

Paper Snowflakes 


Take a note out of Buddy the Elf's etch-a -sketch and decorate your room with paper snowflakes. These are really easy to make and can be totally individualized. You can use construction paper or, to be even more fun, use old, unneeded papers from classes

Make your own ornaments

Again, a really fun DIY project for you and your roommate. These can be made from paper, or you can use a lightbulb.

Hope everyone has an awesome winter break! Happy holidays!