Why I Decided To Stay With My High School Sweetheart
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Why I Decided To Stay With My High School Sweetheart

Growing up with you has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Why I Decided To Stay With My High School Sweetheart
Chanel Bermudez

No, I don't stay with him because it makes me feel comfortable.

No, I'm not afraid of being alone.

No, we aren't using each other, fearful of each other, or waiting for the other person to make the first move out of the relationship.

I decided, and after much discussion I think my boyfriend would say the same, that staying together with my high school sweetheart as opposed to "exploring my options" was the way for me.

I've been asked why I decided to stay, and if we fight I'm asked why we don't just take a break.

I'm asked if maybe I'm just afraid to be alone, or I'm asked if maybe we just got complacent in our "married" lives.

I think a lot about this. It does keep me up at night, and sometimes I ask myself, "Well, what if they're right?"

The truth is, you will never know if the outside opinion was right or not.

Now, this will be the only time I will say something as corny as this, but truly and honestly, I am following my heart. My heart tells me to stay, because even today there is something special about this one, and those butterflies I got back when we were sixteen still haven't completely gone away.

The butterflies are gray, and they move slowly, but the important part is that they're still there.

I stay with him because we grew up together. We are growing up together. After 3 years he's known me at my worst, and has accepted it. I've seen him at his worse, and have learned that people can never be perfect. Relationships weren't meant for perfection.

Robert Kirkman writes about the experience of finding love through spiritual growth in his incredibly popular comic book series "The Walking Dead." I know what you're thinking. What does a comic book series about survival in the zombie apocalypse know about love? You'd be surprised.

This dialogue is spoken by the fictional character(s) Rick Grimes to his friend Michionne. While discussing his relationship with his second wife Andrea, he tells of their love that grew from their time spent together:

"We lived through everything together. We've lost together...survived together...had to push ourselves, do things we never thought we'd be able to do... together. There are no secrets between us. There's an... understanding... a bond... I never thought possible between two people."

I decided to stay with my high school sweetheart for exactly this reason. After 3 years spent together, we have an incredible bond. He is my best friend. I think this is perhaps even more important than the whole romantic connection part. His friendship is what will always be the most valuable to me.

As two college kids continuing on their journey of young love and education, I will always continue to remember the incredible friendship we have, the togetherness we share, and all the trials and tribulations that we've survived and overcome. Until we forget this, we shall remain inseparable.

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