Bring Back The '20s In 2020s

Bring Back The '20s In 2020s

In just four years, there could be a cultural revival and a lot of dancing.

Ashleigh Locker

The '20s were a time where people snuck into bars in basements, swung to some of the best music produced on this planet, unemployment was predominantly in the farming business and racism ran rampant. So, let’s not keep the whole racism thing going because we’re all just people. Let’s focus on the good stuff we can breathe life back into.

1. Electronic Jazz

Electronic Jazz is exactly what it sounds like. It is the mixing of favorite jazz songs with synthesizers and not-so-heavy dubstep noises. It is equally as catchy and just as inspirational in making me want to wiggle. It’ll probably make you want to wiggle too, and not in the gross, body-writhing grinding way. I don’t even like dancing. Here, have a listen to this wonderful song “Steampunk in the Rain” (Wait. This song sounds familiar?) by the band The Electro Swingers, then listen to the rest of the album because, well, it's just a breath of fresh air in a time when we are suffocated with overly-played songs on the radio.

2. The Clothes

Clothes in the 1920s were dapper. That's the best word to describe the apparel back then because, frankly, everyone looked so much classier then. Just watch Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby," ignore the awful soundtrack (save Lana Del Rey's "Young and Beautiful") and admire the clothing worn and the relatively faithful narrative. Whether it be tweed jackets and vests, suits, suspenders and collars, flapper dresses, drop-waist dresses, blouses, or cloche hats, the possibilities were always classy.

For Women, check out these sites.

For Men, this site is great, too.

3. The Etiquette

The manners and general etiquette of the 1920s were far more grounded in kindness and polite behavior than the narcissistic, often negligent behavior of far too many people nowadays. I found this list of general etiquette principles to follow from this book.

"Manners at the table:

Do not be late for dinner.
Do not read at the table.
Do not seat yourself before the ladies.
Always put your napkin over your knee.
Do not cut bread-break it.
Do not make a noise when supping soup.
Pick your conversation, light and cheerful.

In society:

If you visit, leave your coat and umbrella in the hall.
Do not shake a lady's hand first, let her do it.
Do not stare at people or things in the room.
Do not talk about the weather, talk about music, art, literature, sport.
Cross a room to open a door for a lady.

Love, courtship, and marriage:

A well-bred person does not wear his or her heart on their sleeve.
Do not trifle with affections, to pretend to be in love is contemptible.
It is a becoming courtesy to ask the father before offering an engagement ring.
When engaged, it is not usual for young people to spend much time alone.
Do not forget that your wife's or your husband's letters are not your concern.

Training the children:

Do not say or do anything in front of them that you would not wish them to say or do.
If the children see consideration and feeling for others displayed, they will learn to do the same.
If courtesies like 'Good morning' and 'Good night' are not taught, other delinquencies will follow.
Teach your children to answer plainly and boldly, when asked a question, two somewhat disagreeable traits that very many children exhibit are the failure to answer promptly and the other who are overbold and pert, who volunteer information or even advice unsought."

4. Alcohol

I'll just refer you to article, which documents the cocktails that have survived, been revised, and kept cherished through the last 96 years.

Also, Coors' Batch 19 Lager mimics Pre-Prohibition alcohol, though not using the exact recipe.

5. Movies

OK, we can't reboot or make sequels and prequels to everything. In fact, the whole money-grabbing idea to reboot older film successes needs to stop. Don't ruin good things trying to make them better. WHY IS THERE A "LABYRINTH" SEQUEL IN THE WORKS? WHY IS THERE A REBOOT OF THE MUMMY FRANCHISE WITH TOM CRUISE ON THE HORIZON? WHY HAS THE "INCREDIBLES 2" (the sequel we've waited forever for) TAKEN SO LONG?

The 1920s had gems such as Charlie Chaplin working in the film industry, "Nosferatu," "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari," and "The Man Who Laughs" (This inspired the aesthetic of the Joker, so thank you to Conrad Veidt for the look, Paul Leni for directing this, and Victor Hugo for having written the novel the movie was adapted from). I'm not proposing we do anything other than make these more available through Netflix or whatever streaming service will be available in the 2020s because cable television as we know it will surely dwindle in numbers.

There is so, so much to look forward to in terms of what could be brought back from the 1920s to the 2020s. There's a lot of bad that happened in the 1920s, namely the aforementioned racism (the KKK), and the Great Depression kicked into gear in 1929. If we could bring back anything but those cruel, toxic practices and unfortunate events, it'd make life far livelier and inject a little simplicity in such a life made complex. So, let's get the '20's swinging again!

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