Death is depressing.

If you think about it, we are really only on this earth for a moment in time. A blink of an eye and we are gone. Poof. When people die, they are really only kept in the hearts and minds of their loved ones, and once their loved ones die, they are forgotten. Their footprint vanishing from planet earth, as if they never existed.

Death is unavoidable.

We all know it will come one day. Humans are naturally very precise, and the unknown factor of not knowing when something will happen is scary.

Death is ironic.

People care so much about the little things in life, when one day we will all be gone and nothing will matter.

Death is scary.

What will happen in my last moments of life? Will I be proud of what I accomplished, or rather ashamed?

Death is unknown.

The thought of slowly losing grasp on the world in which we are familiar with is scary.

Death is accidental.

Sometimes, we are surprised when death comes knocking on our door to collect our soul.

Death is unacceptable.

Many people can't face the reality, and refuse to admit it exists.

Death is real.