Dear Little One...
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Student Life

Dear Little One...

One day you'll read this.

Dear Little One...
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Dear Little One…

Welcome to this crazy world. You’re in for quite the ride. You were born into a family that loves you more than words can express! As for me, I am already obsessed with you and your sweet, sweet face and will be forever and ever. Here is a list of things you should know growing up and reminders to notice the little things.

  1. I know this is generic, but do not wish your young years away. Be in the moment and enjoy your time looking up to your siblings and watching them grow up ahead of you.
  2. Take note of what they do wrong! Those three are an ornery bunch so you should pick up a few “what not to do’s”.
  3. Look forward to holidays because they mean family time. One day it will be harder to be all together at once, so cherish it while it is possible.
  4. Look forward to Christmas until the day after when we will make our countdown rings for the Annual Plummer/Patterson Florida Spring Break Trip.
  5. Look forward to the plane ride, to the sandy, sunny beaches, and of course to the intense games of spoons on the glass table. I cannot wait to take you on morning walks in your stroller.
  6. Steal your sisters makeup and clothes, she may not appreciate it in the moment but will when you two get a little older and that’s what little sisters are supposed to do.
  7. Pay attention to your brothers baseball games, it’ll mean more to them than you think.
  8. Scream for your sister’s dance team when they crush it at nationals again. Actually watch Kaylee’s dances and tell her how talented she is.
  9. Wake up early enough to spend a little time eating breakfast with your fam before everyone scatters.
  10. Shop for bikinis five months ahead of Florida to hype yourself up.
  11. Get involved in as many activities as possible, your family is crazy busy so you might as well just add to the madness.
  12. Love on your puppy because Oakley is a cutie.
  13. Play catch with your brothers when they ask you to.
  14. Love Sunday dinners because Mamo and Papa’s house is the best house with obviously the best food.
  15. Dress yourself for yourself because you can.
  16. Be outgoing and meet new people every chance you get. The more friends, the merrier.
  17. Spend time at Grand View because one, your dad will appreciate it, and two, all of the staff and students will love you.
  18. Appreciate when all four of you kids are together.
  19. Go visit the older three at college because visits from family are THE best.
  20. Lastly, call me your favorite cousin even though I feel like your aunt and just enjoy life and be authentic and weird because it's boring not to.

I love you so so so much and cannot wait to watch you grow up in this awesome family that we GET to share… and Good Luck Charlie.

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