Dear World, My Mom Is My Hero
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Politics and Activism

Dear World, My Mom Is My Hero

I couldn't do it without you

Dear World, My Mom Is My Hero
Lindsey McCauley

Who is your hero?

Enter: a politician, artist, or famous athlete.

Not mine.

My hero is 5'6, loves cinnamon sugar cookie coffee, painting her walls yellow, and taking part in Insanity before her long day begins.

Who is your hero?

My interviewer pauses, looking up at me, expecting some long-winded explanation about my enamor for Hillary or Condoleezza.

Instead, my interviewer is greeted by my tale of a small woman who taught me about how big love is. A small, strong woman who floats around our little home - singing, always cleaning, who at 4 o'clock on weekdays would turn on Oprah in order to deliver my sister and I with the day's newest life lesson to be learned. My hero makes killer homemade meatballs and gives the best hugs. She smells like vanilla and home - and as long as she around I feel grounded.

Each morning she sits, drinking her coffee -in the slow, savoring the taste way, before everyone in the house wakes up. She always makes a point to do so. My mornings could never be as complete as her's. At school, I barely even make time for myself to brew my own coffee. Instead, I wake up twenty-five minutes before I have to scurry off to whatever meeting or class I have scheduled for that day.

My hero?

Maintains everyone's happiness before focusing on her own. My hero's haven is the gym, the beach, a spotless house, a freshly cut lawn. My hero is the first one to tear up during a sappy rom-com and the last one to stop lifting if we were to plan a family trip to the gym. Her constant love inspires me and my constant mishaps never cease to amaze her.

Go ahead and google hero, do you know what comes up?




  1. a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities."a war hero"
  2. another term for submarine sandwich.

I have two problems with this definition when applying it to my hero.

1. this person is not a man, but is admired for outstanding qualities such as love, support, drive, and integrity

2. this is most definitely a person and not a submarine sandwich

My hero is my favorite person. And you know who my favorite person is?

You guessed it: my mom.

My hero is the same person I would draw in crayon in grade school whenever my teacher would tell me to draw my role model. My hero is not some famed ideologist in post-war romanticism or economic revitalization. My hero founded my upbringing, unearthed my smile, and forces me up whenever I fall.

Who is my hero?

My hero is the smartest person you will ever meet. Every childhood book published in the ninety's is most likely in my bedroom closet, she read to us every day. She teaches my siblings and I to enjoy beauty in the little things and to always preserve your sanity by keeping time for your passions. Never take life too seriously, and for the love of God pursue what makes you happy. My hero pushes me discover the beautiful in the ordinary and the vitality in independence. She fuels my hunger for knowledge and my desire to succeed.

So Mom, have I told you lately - you are my hero.

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