Dear Summer B Freshmen, Here Are Some Tips
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Student Life

Dear Summer B Freshmen, Here Are Some Tips

A guide to your first Summer B session.

Dear Summer B Freshmen, Here Are Some Tips
Montanna Morris

Summer B is here again folks, and in full force!

I am now starting my third Summer B semester, and I still talk about my first like it was yesterday. I was a fresh 18 years young, unemployed, and ready to make memories. I immediately made friends with upperclassmen, so I luckily went though the 6 weeks with some guidance. If you are starting your first Summer B journey right now, here is your guide.

Make friends.

Everyone you meet during these 6 weeks will have an influence on your college experience in one way or another. Whether you know this or not right now, you're meeting your future lab partners, greek brothers or sisters, roommates, and forever friends during this time. You're starting this journey of college alongside your Summer B people. Yes, you will make so many more friends along the way, but they will never be apart of your OG Summer B squad. So, make a lot and hold them tight.

Get A's in your classes.

I pinky promise you, this semester will be as easy as it gets. You will not have this much free time ever again in college, so use it wisely. Go to that 9 am that you're regretting signing up for right about now. Go to the library with your friends and knock out that paper before you go out. You may have heard the saying, "C's get degrees", but don't take that too literally. You'll soon realize having a good GPA is a must these day. So however you have to do it, do it. You'll be one happy person if you have a few A's behind your back when things start to get tough.

Have fun... like a lot of fun.

Like I said above, this semester will be the easiest there ever was. This short semester is your time to go out an unhealthy amount. By doing so, you'll make all the right mistakes and learn from them. You'll quickly learn how miserable it is going to that 9 am after a night out. You'll realize that drunk hookups have more consequences than you thought they would before you got here.You'll get way too drunk just enough times that you'll eventually find your tolerance. So, what I'm really trying to say is, get it out of your system. When fall rolls around and your responsibilities more than double, you'll already have a good idea of how to balance the social scene of college. So go make the very much necessary, freshman mistakes - we all did.

Be smart.

Going off the last tip, while it is very important to have a lot of fun during this time, don't forget to be smart while you're at it. Right when you thought you were leaving your small high school to come to a university where no one knows anything about you, I'm here to ruin that for ya. With the way social media is these days, it hardy matters the size of your school and your reputation begins now. When you go to that party, have in the back of your head that there's a good chance the president of that club you are wanting to join is there too. This isn't meant to sound scary, but first impressions are important in any situation; and, this summer is one big first impression. Find the happy medium of having fun, while being smart. You'll be happy you did.

Get involved.

Not all clubs are active during summer sessions, but be on the lookout. Summer B is the perfect time to get involved, while there is a smaller pool of competition. When the rest of your class joins you in the fall, you'll want to already have your foot in the door. Being involved on campus is your ticket to a successful college experience. It's never too early to be proactive on your campus, go for it.

I hope someone will take this advice. Some of these things I was told when I was in your shoes, and the others I wish I was. College will be one of the best chapters in your life, so be sure to make the most of it.

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