Dear New Roommate
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Dear New Roommate

Sometimes finding a roommate can be hard, but maybe we were made for each other.

Dear New Roommate
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I feel as though I know everything about you, yet I know nothing about you.

Over the past three years we have had our ups and downs in our lives and I can’t wait to be able to grow closer to you. You and I have a lot in common already, and I know that we’ll find more to obsess over together in the next few months.

We all have our problems. You know this, and I know this.

We also have our differences, which I’m sure we’ve pointed out plenty of times to ourselves already.

Both of us have had our ups and downs with roommates over the past three years, and I am so happy to be able to finally find a roommate who feels like the perfect fit! We’re both crazy at times and enjoy laughing together, but as we venture through our senior year together I’m sure there will be plenty of tears, especially as choir camp comes around.

As you know, I am an introvert and pretty much a homebody. I don’t go to the parties on the weekends, mostly because I would rather spend time with a few close friends or cuddled up in a blanket watching Netflix. I enjoy my alone time to recharge, as introverts do, so I hope you’re not offended if I don’t talk to you much after a weekend choir tour. (Though I don’t think you’ll mind too much since everyone is tired of everyone after choir tours.)

From what I know about you, you’re more of an extrovert, and you enjoy the parties on the weekends, to an extent at least. You enjoy being around people and messing with them in cute and funny ways. Of course, I can’t forget about your hockey obsession. How could I forget the person who introduced me to Check Please!

We have our common interests, such as our love of cats (I’m determined to cover our room in cats this year) and our love of musicals (which will be on play Non-Stop throughout the year). Just as you are determined to introduce me to new and amazing things, I will do the same.

I believe that our friendship will flourish over the next few months. We will grow closer together and we will find new things to obsess over together. Everything will turn out perfectly in its own way as things often do.

Hopefully we won’t grow tired of each other as roommates often do, that way we can bug each other well into the future. I love you and I absolutely cannot wait to see you again very soon!

(P.S. We need more pictures together!)

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