Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature

From woman to woman, I penned a letter to mother nature asking her to calm down on her weather swings

Johan Richards

Dear Mother Nature,

I know you are in a period of change and frustration, you are confused and mad, and you also may be sad (I am not you and I don't know how you feel, I am just guessing). But, mother nature can I just ask you or request you do something for me? When it comes to the weather......please make up your mind! I can not speak to the rest of the human population, but you are constantly changing your mind with this whole idea of seasons. Are you just cold for a good third of the year? That sounds a bit unnatural and not healthy. Are you sure your doctor cleared you of all medical diseases? Then going from it being freezing cold for a third of the year to ridiculously hot for three months out of the year? Sometimes I think you are going through menopause with the amount of weather switches you have made throughout the year. For example right now on 12/17/16 you decided to make it a lovely 22 degree snow covered day and then went straight into a cold flash with a wind chill below zero and it snowing and blowing. Again, do I need to set you up with a new therapist? Do you need to talk to someone? Are you on menopause or do you need some hormone replacement? So mother nature this is coming from one woman to another woman; please get your stuff balanced out before you kill all of the human population with your mood swings, hot and cold flashes, and your up and down hormone levels sooner or later it will destroy you and all you love and care about....well, maybe just the population of Illinois.


A concerned human being

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