Dear Me

Dear Me,

Someday you are going to be on top of the world. Someday there will be a child somewhere that tells their parent they want to be just like you when they grow up. You’ll be the next Oprah or whoever is better than Oprah. But for now, you must work. Work until your brain hurts and your hands get tired of writing. Work for more than just a job or career. Work for a legacy. Work because you have a ridiculous standard of living which you haven’t even been able to reach yet. Work to get to where you want to be, where you deserve to be. Don’t forget to fight too. Fight to break stereotypes. Fight to finish what you started because you have a problem with that. Fight when the odds are stacked against you and when your back is up against the wall. You are strong and persistent; you’ll need to use that. Fight to get to the top, and fight to stay there because it’s where you belong. Fight because your skin is brown and while that might not matter to some, it will to others. You must also dream. Dream with the force of one-thousand children on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come down the chimney. Get excited about your dreams even when no one else does. Keep them written down and speak them into existence because words are more powerful than you think. Most importantly, you must love. Love because it is not in you to hate. Love yourself because you will always remind yourself of what you deserve. Spread love because someone has never known what that feels like and they’ll need you to show them. Put love into everything you do and you’ll always be doing the right thing. Someday you will be on top of the world. But for now, just enjoy getting there.



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