Dear loud and proud members of women shaming society,

Ahh, summer. Tis the season of body shaming, victim blaming and "Eh, you probably shouldn't be wearing that maybe."

On behalf of the woman you think shouldn't be wearing "that" outfit let me start with 3 basic questions determining your ability to have an opinion on that matter-

Are you that woman?

Do you buy that woman's clothes?

Do you dress her for a living?


Then you have lost your right to have an opinion on what that woman should wear and not be a total asshole in doing so.

I've said it before I'll say it again- you are revealing more about yourself in these comments than any outfit could ever reveal about a woman.

Secondly, if you find yourself talking about the recent stories of sexual harassment and assault or any story of these things and at any point you find a sentence of blame coming from your mouth not ending in "because the assailant is a rapist, sexual predator, monster" or some variation of that idea, just stop.

I don't care if the victim of a sexual crime was streaking butt naked across a field of 45 men on Viagra after she had 42 shots of tequila - aside from giving explicit consent- no human can do anything that warrants someone else putting their hands on them sexually, ever. Period. End of story. No debate.

Word of advice,

If you find yourself putting the blame on alcohol, clothing choices, previous hook ups, dancing, relationships or any other factor aside from a disgusting human doing an inexcusable act you are now victim blaming and a little bit of your disgusting is showing, check yourself.

You guys can do better than this.


The "bigger" girl whose done with your shit.