Dear Kacey Musgraves,

I don't even know where to begin to explain how much I love your album, and you. Golden Hour couldn't be more perfect, to be honest. I had really begun to hate new country. It all felt like it was pop masquerading as country, or trying too hard to be country. But your album is completely different.

You combined the ideals of country music with a type of sound that I have never heard before. Honestly, if Miranda Lambert and Miley Cyrus had a baby, it would be you. You have both of their "I don't care, I'm gonna be me" attitudes, and you have the perfect combination of country and upbeat.

I also like that you didn't make a theme out of your album. I mean you sing about mama, cowboys riding away (but you're OK with it), being in love, and a stuck up guy all in the same album. You literally appeal to anyone at any period in their lives. And they all sound different. You can jam to "High Horse," but chill to "Mother" and sing along to the top of your lungs to "Space Cowboy."

Ever since I heard the album and really enjoyed it, I looked into you more as a person. Someone who makes an album this good must be a cool person.

And from what I've found, you are. You are such an honest person, you love your fans, and you're a bit of a hippie at heart. Your Twitter is so real and I can tell it's really you, not some manager. I just love how you tweet funny memes, retweet fan art, reply to people and are just so relatable.

(You and your husband are also goals. Just saying.)

So, Mrs. Space Queen, I would just like to say we appreciate you. We appreciate you being real, giving us something different, and not caring what people think.


Your fans.

And if you haven't listened to Golden Hour, you're missing out. Even if you don't like country, I can guarantee you'll become a fan.