Dear Hillary,

Thank you.

Thank you for showing the world that women are just as strong as men. For showing them that men fear strong women, just as they should.

All of your hard work, all of the effort and love and passion you put into this campaign can only be seen as inspiring. You went against the odds. You made it further than anyone expected you would. You held your head up when the world tried to hold you down. When men tried to tell you that you were too "hormonal" or that being president would "get in the way" of your duties as a grandmother, you told them "Boy, bye." You exemplified feminism and showed that it didn't mean you hated men, simply that you felt we were equals. We women are just as good as they are and you losing this election can not change the fact that you allowed us young women to have hope.

To see that, yes, one day a woman will be president. And when she is, look out because she will have big dreams that she has a plan to achieve.

You showed young women, like me, that anything is possible. That hard work will allow you to reach for the stars. But this election is just a sliver of the sexism that this country still holds dear. The idea that a man, even though wildly less qualified, can always do better than a woman. In time, this will change. Until then, we need to stay united. Only together can we truly make "liberty and justice for all" a reality.

Just know you gave hope to so many people who had fear. But unfortunately, fear has won.

I truly wonder if a man had been in your shoes for the email "scandal" (I use quotes because time and time again you have been requited. It was ignorant, yes, but not malicious and people don't seem to see the difference) would he have faced the same backlash? Or would the American people have shaken it off as a "dumb politician doing politician things."

I think that is the case. I think people needed to find reasons to hate you. People don't like when women aren't humble, when they know they are qualified and don't show doubt in their abilities. You knew you could make a difference and you never backed down from fight. You've been fighting your whole life. Please keep fighting.

My professor just today gave a short, but powerful speech to the class about community. About how we cannot give up on our community, even when it faces division. Only together can we mend it. And what do women do better than sew things back together?

So again, thank you. Never stop preaching hope and love for all. Never stop being unabashedly awesome and powerful and confident. Never stop seeking change. Because women like you are what will open the floodgates to a new and brighter tomorrow.


Women Across America

PS: Don't lose sight of the fact that you won the popular vote. The people have spoken, although they were not heard.