Dear High School Seniors,

I know that college is all that you can think about right now. I know it seems so far away, but trust me it's closer than you think. So for now enjoy the time that you have left in high school because believe it or not, you will miss it. Enjoy your last homecoming, prom, and spirit week. Enjoy being with the people you have grown up with. Enjoy living at home with your family, even though they drive you nuts 75% of the time. Enjoy having a stable job and not being a broke college student. Enjoy not having to live off a meal plan just yet.

That being said, it isn't wrong to be excited for the future. Definitely plan ahead. Go on your college tours early so you can narrow down your list before you even apply. Apply to a good amount of schools that you would be happy attending. Don't apply to 10 schools like I did because you will waste $500(minimum) on applications. Do your research about the schools before you visit them too so then you can ask your tour guide a bunch of questions, trust me they will love it!

High school students always ask me how I knew which college was right for me(I'm a tour guide). My answer is always the same, you just know. When you go on a tour you will know what the "right" school is. When you can actually see yourself walking around that particular campus you know that is the one for you. I also chose Cortland because it is a huge education school so it went along with my major really well. I was also happy that it wasn't too far from home.

Another suggestion I have for all of you high school seniors is try and meet someone in the department you wish to be a part of at your top schools. Before I committed to Cortland I met the chair of the math department since I wanted to be a dual major in math and education. It was nice having that connection with a faculty member before I even came to campus. This was also another thing that influenced my college decision.

You may go on a few tours and hate them, don't get discouraged. You will find the right fit for you eventually. Be excited for the future, but don't take the present for granted. Enjoy this last year in high school. Senior year is the best because you have so much to look forward to. Graduation is right around the corner which is scary but exciting at the same time. Live it up.

Good luck to all of you,