Dear future me,

Don't be afraid. You're fine. You just graduated college, but instead of looking back and being sad that some of your best years are over, be happy that they happened.

University years were the best years of my life, along with some speed bumps. There was tremendous growth and learning that I saw within myself over these past four and a half years, but just because your undergrad experience is coming to a close doesn't mean that your entire life is coming to a close (yes, I am very dramatic).

You probably still don't know what you're doing next, and that's okay. Many of your friends that graduated within the last year still don't know what they want to do either. The in-between phase of college and becoming an actual adult (married life, full-time job, and kids) is a weird time, but you will never stop growing and learning.

Try not to take so much time crying about this new chapter in your life, because it will be good, I promise. Try more to focus on living in the present, and not stressing so much about the future or the past, neither of which can be changed right now.

You're still young, and you want to see the world, so go do that. Save some money, stay close to your family and friends, but also continue getting out of your comfort zone, and go travel some more. That is a part of you- the wanderlust- that I don't think has changed.

So continue to live in the present, find things that make you happy, and don't stress so much about the unknown. I promise you'll be fine. And you'll always have me, yourself. I am the best company, anyways.

Sincerely Yours,