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Dear Future Me, I Am Proud Of You

If your life ends up on a different path than this just know I know you will figure it out because you always do!

Dear Future Me, I Am Proud Of You
Kayla Bishop

Dear Future Me,

Hey, it's me, Kayla. I am writing you right now because I want you to be able to look back on this and see how you were at this point in time. I wrote a letter like this to you in 7th grade and reading it back was relieving and also exciting because I got to see how I thought I would be compared to where I actually was in life. I hope you look back on this and laugh or cry tears of joy. Most importantly, I hope you look back on this and feel accomplished.

Right now you are a senior in college at Illinois State University. You should be graduating in May but you are SUPER indecisive and you are on your 4th major change right now. You are finally done though and are working to get your degree in sociology. After that, your plan is to go back and get your masters in social work so that you can work with kids/students who have disabilities inside schools and hospitals. You are smart but you need to learn how to stop procrastinating, like NOW. You currently working in childcare at a local gym which you love but you wish that you had your degree already. Working with kids is obviously your passion right now and I hope that didn't change.

In 2 years I hope that you have our degree and I hope you are pursuing your masters in social work like you had planned. I see you working with kids all over the state of Illinois so that you can make sure they get the life they deserve! You will also be living with your parents still so that you can afford to buy your own townhome because you are sick of renting apartments, it is a complete waste of money. I hope you learned how to invest your time and money properly. BE SMART. This one is a stretch, but I also hope you met a cute boy by now because come on you can't be single forever.

In 5 years I hope you have the life you have always dreamed of. I hope you bought your own little place (with a cute man hopefully) and I am sure it is decorated so nice because you have great interior decorating skills. I see you working in schools helping students who need your help and I know you are making one hell of a difference. I hope your relationship with your family has stayed the same, or maybe even gotten better. If you have a man, I hope he proposes soon because I know how bad you want kids. I also hope you turn out to be a great mom like I know you will. You deserve the future I have planned for you.

Lastly, I want to say I am proud of you. I am proud of you for getting this far. If your life ends up on a different path than this just know I know you will figure it out because you always do! Keep setting goals and trying to achieve them as best you can. I love you future Kayla, good luck.


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