Dear Entitled And Enabled People...
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Dear Entitled And Enabled People...

It's time for serious reality check

Dear Entitled And Enabled People...
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Dear Entitled and Enabled People,

If there is one thing I'm tried of hearing and seeing, it is the pity parties and irrational perceptions of life as told by you and your peers. Though Millennials get stuck with the bad wrap, I've come to realize that you come in a variety of different ages, races, and backgrounds. It's time that you receive a little dose of reality and realize that life is what you make it, and not something that is simply given to you.

Get over yourself and join the real world

If you want to be treated like an adult, it wouldn't hurt to think and act like one. If you have a child, raise it. If you want money, get a job. If you want to get more out of life, apply yourself. Nothing of value will ever just be given to you and sitting there with your hand out will not help you grow personally, financially, or mentally. The Earth revolves around the sun, not you. People are not going to step up and take care of all of your responsibilities for you and they shouldn't. In the real world, your utility companies won't care if you wanted to have fun instead of paying your bills. They will shut you off with no remorse. Life isn't all about fun. You have to put in some effort, plan, and have priorities. Stop waiting for some royal treatment, and open your eyes.

Be the change you want to see

Do you want a change in your community, government, or surroundings? Here's a word of advice: live by actions and not just words. Get up and get involved in programs, volunteer within your community, and bring value to your area. Stop thinking that everyone should step up and clean up messes for you or that someone else will take care of it. That person needs to be you. If there is a problem, put on your big boy/ big girl pants and work towards a solution. Whining and chanting about things you don't like is annoying but putting your time and energy into a mission is impactful. You have the potential to change your life and the lives of so many others. Don't cheat yourself by sitting around and waiting for others to make you happy.

The blame game isn't fooling anyone

People of today that just love to play the victim and blame everyone else for their issues, yet fail to look themselves in the mirror and see the real culprit. I hope you realize that blaming others for your bad choices doesn't it make the people you're pointing the finger at fault. Also, telling or believing your own lie doesn't make it the truth. Life is all about choices. Your actions or failure to act can result in a plethora of outcomes that shape your life in one way or another. With that being said, as an adult you have to own up to your choices and get yourself out of situations if you put yourself there. Mommy and Daddy won't always be there to bail you out, and honestly, why would any adult want them to. Take your lick and move on. Stop depending on and blaming others, and strive to excel in your own life. You have so much potential if you apply yourself. Don't try to bring others down. Try to lift yourself up.

Your family doesn't work for you, sorry

The phase "Family should always support" does not mean they work for you, have to tolerate your crap, and must cover every expense you have. You aren't a baby. You don't get a pass to use and take advantage of your family, or treat them as an ATM. What's yours is yours and what's theirs is theirs. In essence, if you didn't work for it, sacrifice for, and therefore don't have it in your name, their assets and accounts have nothing to do with you. Your parents don't have to give you a cent after you reach the age of 18 and technically any penny spent in your direction after that should be very much appreciated and not taken advantage of. Your parents did their part in society and earned what they have, plus you aren't of rearing age anymore. Quit dumping your drama on them and take ownership for your life. There is nothing your family would like to see more than your happiness and independence.

Success takes time and determination

Everyone dreams of having the car they always wanted, the perfect home, and relationships that deem the hashtag #goals but how many people actually want to put in the work, persistence, and sacrifice it takes to get at that level. Everyone has to start somewhere and more often than not, the place is not at the top. Work your way up, surround yourself with positive people, and remember that you are in control of your destiny. Work hard, play hard is not just a catchy phrase, but also something to remember when motivating yourself. The possibilities are endless and the world has so much to offer. Take control of your life, find your independence, travel, and thrive. No one will hand you happiness and success. You have to get out there and earn it.

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