Oh Dairy Queen, you beautiful, freezing cold, wonderful place, what has become of you?

Your chocolate dipped cone has been a staple in so many childhoods and who doesn’t love a Blizzard every once in a while and by “once in a while” I mean once a week in my family. Plus there’s a new flavor every month in case I ever want to break away from my standard medium Chocolate X-treme.

There’s so much that you have done right over the years Dairy Queen, so much and yet tonight I am so disappointed in you.

Tonight I did something I have never done and I ordered food, that’s right, normal food from a Dairy Queen. I know they’ve been making meals for a while now but I could never bring myself to order anything but dairy from a Dairy Queen. Tonight I made a change, one I won’t be making again.

This all started because the boy asked if I could grab us dinner and said he wanted the four-piece chicken tender box from Dairy Queen, no drink. So I go, I order for both of us, pay the $13.76 and head to his place which is where my disappointment and confusion came to be.

I opened up my box to discover my six chicken tenders (Yes six, I was hungry okay?) with French fries, toast and my dipping sauce. Wait, tenders with french fries, toast and dipping sauce? This sounds familiar (I’m looking at you Zaxby’s). I am immediately hesitant to try this food because hey, I love Zaxby’s but I did buy it and as you know, I’m very hungry. So I dig into my tenders which were pretty decent but then the fries. The fries! The soggy, lifeless, unseasoned fries. Then comes the not-even-pretending-to-be-toast bread that is almost moist from the heat from the tenders. At least Zaxby’s put butter on their bread that pretends to be toast. Plus at Zaxby’s their fries come seasoned AND you can ask for extra seasoning for free.

Dairy Queen what are you doing?! I mean if you’re going to go for food, why put out a sub-standard, yet same priced version of a loved classic. Big Zax Snack Meal with a Diet Coke am I right ladies?

I went out on a limb and tried something new tonight. I gave Dairy Queen a chance to be something more than just good ice cream and a really cold inside. In the words of Adele, “you could have had it all” Dairy Queen, “you could have had it all”. But instead, the next time I am craving chicken fingers with fries and toast I will be taking myself over to Zaxby’s.

I’ll be back for a Blizzard though.