Dear Dad: You'll Always Be My Number One Man
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Dear Dad: You'll Always Be My Number One Man

I may be getting married and starting graduate school but I cannot thank you enough.

Dear Dad: You'll Always Be My Number One Man
Caitlin Woods

Dear Dad,

Thank you is not even close to what I want to say. Your only daughter and youngest child just graduates college, is about to get married, and go on to pursue her dream of being a lawyer. But I truly could not have done it without you.

Every since I was little I always wanted to be around you. I was truly a daddy’s girl. I would cry when you’d leave for work and bed, you to go to the pool every night with me during the summer. I’d ride on the lawnmower with you and go on boy scout camping trips with you since you were a leader. I was fortunate enough for mom being a stay at home mom. No words could thank her for raising me and helping me with my everyday life. Since I hardly saw you due to a demanding work schedule, I craved time with you and appreciated every minute I got of it.

But here we are 21 years later, a college graduate with big dreams. I never thought during my sophomore year I would actually graduate. I won’t go into details because you already know them, but that was probably the worst semester and worst 6 months of my life. I made the biggest mistake possible of my life. Yet, you supported me and didn’t judge me. Disappointed for sure, but you didn’t judge me.

Then I told you and mom that I wanted to go to Disney for the Disney College Program. Mom did not approve and you were hesitant. You expressed that maybe I should remove myself from college for a semester or two. I knew if I left that I would not want to go back. I explained to you the benefits of the DCP. You ultimately decided that it might be best for me. You were the biggest supporter of me doing that.

You soon realized that me moving to Florida and working for the DCP was the best thing for me. I was actually happy after so many months of being sad and disappointed. I truly learned how to smile and laugh again without any force. I’m terribly sorry I put you and mom through what I did my sophomore year. I’m sorry that I did not take college or my grades seriously up until my spring semester of my junior year. We all have things we wish we could change and that would be mine. But without your support I don’t think I would be as happy as I am and a graduate of Campbell University.

I want you to know that I am so grateful for your support of my higher education. I have found a career that I am passionate about. You always told me growing up that if you go to work everyday hating your job then it will be a long life, instead love what you do because then it isn’t work. Someone once told me, find what you love and let it kill you. If it wasn’t for your random texts or phone calls on how you know I can do it, I don’t think I would’ve ever gotten accepted into my dream law school; let alone applied. I wanted to make you and mom proud. I got myself together, pulled my grades up, worked up, and got accepted which you kept telling me I would.

I want to thank you for being you. They say we look for characteristics and qualities of our parents in a partner. Alex reminds me so much of you. I never realized I wanted a man like you until I met Alex. I wanted someone who would rush to the bathroom when I was throwing up to keep me company like you did. I wanted someone who could appreciate older music and shows like you do. I wanted someone who truly cared about me and loved me unconditional in a similar way that you do. I’m not sure if I ever told you this but I have one tattoo that is about you and mom and a tattoo for you. I know you dislike my tattoo’s but I’m not sure if you really know the meaning behind one of them. My “The sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe” is about you. You supported me in my darkest days. I know that you and mom would do absolutely anything for me and I could not be more grateful.

I hope you know even the smallest amount how appreciative I am of you, especially my sophomore year. I truly could have not done what I did and fixed it if it was not for your support. I am so thankful for you everyday and I hope you know how much I love you. I may be getting married and going off to law school, but I will try and always make time for you.

I love you,

Your daughter.

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