Dear Columbus, GA: Why I Still Shop At Peachtree Mall

Dear Columbus, GA: Why I Still Shop At Peachtree Mall

We need to make a change today.

Dear Columbus, Georgia family,

Within the past month, we have witnessed two shootings happen at our local mall, Peachtree Mall by Columbus State University. I am constantly seeing people post on Facebook and other Social media platforms about how they refuse to shop at Peachtree Mall. I have even seen people say how they hate and want to leave Columbus.

I understand that Columbus is not being as safe as it used to be anymore, but when was ANYWHERE ever safe?

Unfortunately, we just witnessed 50 innocent lives being slain in Orlando, Florida at a Night Club where people were just having fun. Of course we would have thought that would have been safe, right?

Twenty children and teachers were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School where parents sent there children to be safe. No doubt, a school could be safe, right?

We were unfortunately proven wrong.

We live in a cruel and hateful world where we can easily lose our lives in the blink of an eye. No one is promised tomorrow, and we have to come to the conclusion that the world that we live in is never safe.

Of course, it is going to take some time to get over the fear of another shooting occurring at Peachtree Mall.

However, we must remind ourselves that even though parents lost their children in the Sandy Hook shooting, people still sent their children to Sandy Hook for their school lessons. Even though 9/11 killed countless lives, people still work in the World Trade Center and still travel the world via Airplane.

Everyday we risk our lives, even by waking up in the morning and simply going to work.

We have to come together as a family to display a message showing that we will no longer tolerate the violence and hatred. We are tired of continuously going on Facebook seeing our loved ones either being charged for a crime, or killed. We have to come together to put an end to this. Teach your children love instead of hate. Lead by example; if one person sees someone doing well, then more people will follow and Columbus will reconstruct itself.

I am a proud Columbus, Georgia native, and even though I spend the majority of my time in Atlanta at Spelman College, I still have a heart for my city. I want to see progress and I am willing to work towards rebuilding our home.

However, It starts with us as a family. Are you ready?

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To The People Convinced Only ‘Lazy’ Students Don’t Have College Jobs, Uh, No

Just being in college and trying to maintain a high enough GPA is proof enough.

Summer is getting closer, which means that many students are looking for part-time jobs. Almost every student in high school and college is familiar with the notion of working part-time while going to school. There are a lot of students who have a job while in school for several different reasons.

However, not every student in college and high school has a job or is looking for one. There are a lot of students who don’t need a job or want a job for that matter. Yet, many people who have had experience with getting a job can’t seem to comprehend why other students don’t work. They call students who don’t work words like “lazy” or “spoiled." If you’re a student who hasn’t had a job before, you know exactly how annoying this can be.

However, no matter what other people say, there is nothing wrong with focusing on your education instead of getting a job while in college just as there's nothing wrong with working while in school either.

People that call students who don’t have a job “lazy” obviously don’t realize how hard college can be, especially if you’re taking a lot of hard courses. College is already stressful, and having to balance school and a job can add an unnecessary amount of stress. It can also be very time consuming and can limit the number of classes you take or the time availble for studying. Many students’ grades start to slip once they get a job. They often have too many work hours to fully accommodate their course load or vice versa.

I’m not saying that you can’t have a job while in college. I currently have a job while I’m a student at Miami University, but this year is my first time working while in school. I've gone three years in college without having a job, and I never had one when I was in high school. The only reason I’m starting now is that I need the money to save up for buying a car so that I can commute to campus.

My point is that if you don’t have a job, you shouldn’t feel pressured by others to get one. Not everyone can handle a job and go to school at the same time. I went years without a job, and I still went through periods of stress or nervous breakdowns during college. My parents taught me that “hard work” doesn’t always come from rushing to get a job while in school. It comes from studying, working on assignments and keeping your grades up while in school in order to get a good job and a degree.

Those who call other people that don’t have a job “spoiled” are most likely the ones who will still accept money from their parents. I live with my parents in order to save money by not living in a dorm, and my parents still support me. However, contrary to what people think, my parents don’t pay for my tuition. I use my own scholarship money to pay for it.

Having your parents support you doesn’t make you spoiled because as long as you’re in school and working towards eventually being able to support yourself, then you aren’t living off your parents’ money. It shouldn’t matter how soon you decide to support yourself while in school because your end goal is the same.

So, to anyone who feels pressure from others, whether it’s family members, friends or acquaintances, you should take a minute to stop and reflect on all of the work that you’ve done in school. You don't need to work a part-time job in order to prove to others that you are a hard worker.

Just being in college and trying to maintain a high enough GPA is proof enough.

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Greek Life Is Better Than What You Might Think

It's not like the movies.

I recently became a member of Kappa Alpha Order here on campus and my time has been even more constrained. The fraternity life so far is amazing and I have nothing but love for my new brothers, but the temptation to slack on my schoolwork and quiet time is real. So far, the "frat" life is not like the movies portray it to be.

Its not a bunch of binge drinking and party drugs. I have witnessed a group of guys from all different backgrounds and lifestyles come together and form a bond over common ideals of gentility and a Christian faith. These guys go above and beyond for their brothers. From help with homework, to needing advice/guidance, to budgeting.

I know I can call any one of them and someone will be there at the drop of a hat. I was hesitant becoming apart of Greek Life because of my faith, and how I thought fraternities conducted themselves, but KA is like no other. We have bible studies and men who are leaders not only in the fraternity, but in the college and around our community that are helping mold me in to the man I want to be.

College is a time to branch out and try new things, and my message for anyone second guessing joining a fraternity or sorority is that they take the time to know the people and ideals of the greek organization. We, as a fraternity, get our ideals from Christianity and only wish to become leaders in our communities and form a lifelong brotherhood. Take a leap of faith and see where the wind blows for you!

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