Dear Columbus, GA: Why I Still Shop At Peachtree Mall

Dear Columbus, GA: Why I Still Shop At Peachtree Mall

We need to make a change today.

Dear Columbus, Georgia family,

Within the past month, we have witnessed two shootings happen at our local mall, Peachtree Mall by Columbus State University. I am constantly seeing people post on Facebook and other Social media platforms about how they refuse to shop at Peachtree Mall. I have even seen people say how they hate and want to leave Columbus.

I understand that Columbus is not being as safe as it used to be anymore, but when was ANYWHERE ever safe?

Unfortunately, we just witnessed 50 innocent lives being slain in Orlando, Florida at a Night Club where people were just having fun. Of course we would have thought that would have been safe, right?

Twenty children and teachers were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School where parents sent there children to be safe. No doubt, a school could be safe, right?

We were unfortunately proven wrong.

We live in a cruel and hateful world where we can easily lose our lives in the blink of an eye. No one is promised tomorrow, and we have to come to the conclusion that the world that we live in is never safe.

Of course, it is going to take some time to get over the fear of another shooting occurring at Peachtree Mall.

However, we must remind ourselves that even though parents lost their children in the Sandy Hook shooting, people still sent their children to Sandy Hook for their school lessons. Even though 9/11 killed countless lives, people still work in the World Trade Center and still travel the world via Airplane.

Everyday we risk our lives, even by waking up in the morning and simply going to work.

We have to come together as a family to display a message showing that we will no longer tolerate the violence and hatred. We are tired of continuously going on Facebook seeing our loved ones either being charged for a crime, or killed. We have to come together to put an end to this. Teach your children love instead of hate. Lead by example; if one person sees someone doing well, then more people will follow and Columbus will reconstruct itself.

I am a proud Columbus, Georgia native, and even though I spend the majority of my time in Atlanta at Spelman College, I still have a heart for my city. I want to see progress and I am willing to work towards rebuilding our home.

However, It starts with us as a family. Are you ready?

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Hygge helps us stay present, centered, and focused so that we can advance and better ourselves without forgetting the things that really matter. It’s so much more than blankets and lights.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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