As a student who is training to be a special education teacher, I am very angry, mad, hurt, disappointed, and so many other things.

As a person who is in an education position, a position of power over the education of the U.S., you are totally wrong about your budget.

You are wanting to cut the budget for special education students. 272,000 kids will be affected by this budget cut. The Special Olympics is one of the only outlets for these students to participate in. These students who participate in it cannot participate in regular sports because of their disabilities. You are also wanting to cut the budget for blind students (in multiple areas) and deaf students. From their textbooks, to resources, to one of the best Blind and Deaf Colleges (Gallaudet University).

Do you know that these students will eventually be contributing members of society? Do you know that they learn life lessons from these events just like other students? Also, did you know that these programs are where these students find most of their happiness? They are learning, they are winning, and they are being kids while embracing their disabilities.

Ms. DeVos, anyone and everyone in education knows that you have to think about EVERY SINGLE STUDENT. By cutting this budget you are not. You are thinking about all the other things except for the students who need this budget the most. I am highly disappointed and think you need to be removed from office. These students will be contributing members of society and will be the best person they can be.