​Dear Ashley: A Letter To The Creator Of Ashley Madison
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​Dear Ashley: A Letter To The Creator Of Ashley Madison

Life is short. Marry someone you love.

​Dear Ashley: A Letter To The Creator Of Ashley Madison

Dear Ashley Madison (aka Noel Biderman),

Hate is a strong word, but I hate all that you stand for.

Life is short, yes. I would have to agree, but just because life is short does not mean an individual should have an extramarital affair. If anything, it means they should be with someone they LOVE. Maybe, well, this is just crazy, even someone they love enough that cheating would never cross their mind, but that’s just my point of view. The fact that there are over 38 million people using your website absolutely disgusts me. There is no need for a website like yours in this world, and I cannot believe anyone could condone the type of behavior ashleymadison.com was created for.

Please explain why anyone would need to secretly have an affair via a website. I mean, relationships are hard enough as is. In a time when one in every two marriages ends in divorce, you felt the need to actually go out and create an entire environment specifically for affairs? I just can’t fathom the reasoning behind this.

Obviously we have different opinions on cheating, but I feel that it is disgusting and absolutely unacceptable. Your users should be ashamed of themselves. If they have taken the time to invest in someone to the point of marriage, why is cheating necessary or desirable? I understand that individuals do make mistakes, but signing up for a website with the tagline “Life is short. Have an affair” is NOT a mistake. That individual was fully aware of what they were doing.

It disgusts me that someone would proudly proclaim themselves the “Infidelity Expert.” I understand that you are now in a committed marriage. Being in that position, how could you possibly be so accepting of cheating? I mean, no one enjoys being cheated on. It truly bothers me that you state that cheating is the “secret glue” that keeps relationships together… While it might make the relationship last for the time being, is it really worth the pain and distress you are causing your significant other?

Despite my hatred for your company, I do applaud you for its recent publicity, you know, with being hacked and what not. Another reason to abhor your existence: You can’t be trusted. Why promise your (low-life) users security that you can’t provide? Those poor, unfortunate cheating customers could have had their personal information released for their employers, friends and *gasp* spouses to see.

We are living in a lost society. At this point, it’s not children who need to be taught the difference between right and wrong. It is the adults who need a refresher. There is hope for our future, but not if this trend in cheating and deceiving your spouse continues. So, Mr. Biderman, I would like to thank you for showing me the type of relationship I never want to be a part of.

I am wishing you and your wife all the best in your marriage. Ha!


An honest partner

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