Dear 2018,

You are a new beginning. A lot happened in 2017, but I know more is to come in this new year.

To be honest, I thought you would never get here. But like every year, you arrived like clockwork. You have all the possibilities and new opportunities 2017 offered, and many more. You are brand new -- no mistakes or disappoints or "maybe next years" yet.

2017 had some hard moments, but it was good. You will have your own unique challenges, but I know I am ready. You are a chance to start afresh. You are your very own year.

I expected too much from a new year. I know you’ll offer lots of opportunities for happiness during the 365 days.

I promise to not get bored of you.

I remember when 2017 started, so fresh, dreamy and new. Then it ended up being the status quo, same old same old. I still will have the same great education, amazing friends and my loving family. However, it all felt the same to me. Things will be different now. I can't wait to plan trips to new places, meet new friends, grow in my friendships with old ones and not waste a single day.

Hope you’re ready for me, 2018, because I am ready for you.

I am looking forward to the next 365 days.