PSA: Stop Dealing With Two-Faced People

PSA: Stop Dealing With Two-Faced People

They're the worst kind of people.


There have been so many people in my life that'll say one thing to your face and another behind your back. Whether it's them trying to leave you out of plans, people talking shit about your personality or whatever they choose to be two-faced about. I want you to know that this is not okay.

I am tired of feeling like I am on good standings with a person and then finding out they talk badly about me behind my back. It's hard to know that people do it to others they don't even know, but I think the worst is to find out that your friends do it to you too.

I think this can be seen on both sides of an issue. When a person is two-faced, I tend to start giving the cold shoulder just because I believe that, that is a toxic personality trait. However, it pisses me off more when my friends who are also upset by this behavior respond by being two-faced themselves and acting like what this person is doing is okay.

I think a lot of people would agree that they would rather hear the things people have to say up front instead of finding out what they said behind their backs, three weeks later. Maybe that's just me but I can't stand people who don't have the decency to come to you before they go to everyone else.

I think everyone is guilty of ranting to their friends about what is going on but I think there is a strong and clear difference between ranting to your friends about another one of your friends who made you upset compared to someone just talked badly someone else to make themselves feel better. It could be as little as talking about someone's appearance on the street to leaving people out of plans when you thought that everyone was going or you find out that the reason you weren't invited wasn't that space was limited. I think it is also important to mention that I think a two-faced friend means more than just talking negatively about someone behind their back. If you use your friends and only come to them when you're in need or then your better option isn't around, that is just as bad as being two-faced, if not the same thing.

I can't help but get so worked up by this topic. I am tired of letting my emotions get to me and have this issue keep popping up. I'm tired of calling my mom for the sole purpose of getting my anger out on someone who won't go run and tell every person involved. I feel like it shouldn't fall on me to fix the way I feel about these people or change the way I let it affect me. The real question is: Why can't you stop being one way to my face and another behind my back?

All in all, everyone needs to stop talking so much trash, especially behind people's backs. I'm sick of dealing with it and I'm others are too. If people can't learn to shake this habit, maybe you and I both need to evaluate who we are friends with.

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20 'Thank Yous' My Best Friends Need To Hear BEFORE The Semester Ends

Because I don't thank you enough.


When I decided to graduate a year early, I never thought about how hard it would be to say goodbye. The best part of my three-year journey at Florida State was the friends that I had made. The friends you meet in college are the friends you will never forget. Although in two weeks we will be miles apart, this is not the end of us-- this is a different type of forever. At this point, all I can say is thank you for making my time here unforgettable. Thank you:

1. For buying me Ice Cream when I had a bad day.

2. For pushing me out of my comfort zone. 

3. For teaching me the right way to do Happy Hour. 

4. For complimenting me when I wore that tight dress.

5. For forcing me to go to the library with you.

6. For *trying* to make me go to the gym.

7. For giving me great advice that you know I won't follow. 

8. For letting me borrow your new shirt even though you haven't even worn it yet.

9. For forgiving me when I get a little sassy.

10. For telling me I can do better. 

11. For reading my shitty articles. 

12. For ignoring my absolutely terrible singing. 

13. For laughing at my jokes. 

14. For roasting me in the group chat. 

15. For driving me to class when I was too lazy to find parking. 

16. For picking me up from class when I was too lazy to walk back home.

17. For lending me money because I really REALLY needed that extra guacamole.

18. For tolerating my annoying self after your stressful day.

19. For staying up late because I didn't want to watch the scary movie alone.

20. For being the best friends I ever had.


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My Best Friend Is Having A Baby And I Couldn't Be More Proud

I have a lil nugget bestie on the way!


I'll never forget when my best friend Danielle text me asking if I was home because she had to tell me something important. A million things went through my head, she busts through my door sat on my bed and goes "so...," I looked at her and said, "stop, there is no way you are about to tell me what I think you are about to tell me".

My first emotion was disbelief, I thought to myself she must be messing with me because there's no way, of course, she had to have been careful enough. The next thing I felt was fear because we are young and still have so much to learn, so many mistakes to make.

How was she possibly going to do this, and what does that mean for the rest of her life? I was worried for her and didn't know what to say. Then I paused for a moment, took a step back, and acknowledged that my doubting her wasn't me being a good friend.

I told her I supported her in anything and everything and that next Friday I found out that she was having a little girl. We listen to the baby's heartbeat, read all the milestones and markers the baby is reaching on her App, and I'm totally that annoying person who talks to her belly; everyone is so unbelievably excited.

I don't think there is anyone that was more excited for this baby than her younger sister Michelle though. She was a natural with babies and the most loving aunt to their nieces and nephews. I know for a fact she would have spoiled her little girl till forever.

My heart breaks to say that my best friend lost that same sister a month and a half ago. I felt her baby kick for the first time the day we laid her sister to rest. I spent that night crying, unsure of how I could possibly be there for her when all she wants is her sister back.

Denise Hernandez

There aren't enough words to describe how incredibly strong, beautiful, and capable my best friend is. I try to remind her a little every day that she is already the best mother she could be and that she has an army of love to help her through. Danielle Goodwin, I am more proud of you than you could ever know, and your little girl is so lucky to have you. I cannot wait to meet my niece, Titi Denise loves her so much already!

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