Dealing With Stress And Anxiety At LSU
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Life-Saving Tips For Managing Stress And Anxiety While At LSU

Anxiety and stress are hard to manage overall and these tips may help some struggling LSU students.

Me with Mike the Tiger
Elizabeth Shelby

Anxiety and stress are extremely difficult to manage and cope with. In my experience with anxiety and stress, it peaked when I was in the middle of my senior year in high school and was getting ready to leave for college. As happy as I was to finally get away from everyone and everything, I was also scared. How could I help myself at college, if I couldn't even get my mental state in order in high school? Well, I learned and I'm here to give my tips to help anyone else in need. However, remember that everyone is different and things that work for me may not work for you; it is worth a shot though.

I realized due dates were going to be my biggest problem. I took over 15 hours my first semester and I assumed I could handle it. No. I definitely couldn't. So take it slow first semester and see exactly how much you can handle. Do not add on too much to your plate. Also, if you stress about turning in assignments invest in a planner and a dry erase monthly calendar. I would turn in an assignment, however, tell myself I didn't and waste time trying to see if I already completed the assignment. So, create a system for what days you will do homework and check off in your planner and calendar what you have already completed. It helps keep you in order and prevents added stress.

I was one of those students in high school that did not need to study. I never studied before I got to college and so I had no clue what I was doing. If you are terrible at studying like me this will add stress about the test you are trying to prepare for and anxiety for future tests. I suggest reading the material out loud and/or writing it down. Many people with anxiety already write a lot to prevent them from doing other things such as biting nails, picking at your face, etc. So when you feel like you need a distraction or have an exam to study for write or speak it. I would always write and speak but I would use different colors when writing. Pink ink for important things I for sure needed to know and different colors for different things. I remember being in the testing center and remembering the colors and that pieced it to the material.

I was also never a fan of essential oils like my mom is. However, I had a roommate who had a diffuser and would put oils in it. I remember actually calming down and not being as stressed when I would smell certain oils. I then realized lavender is said to help several people with anxiety. So guess who ordered a lavender infused mattress topper for the upcoming year, this girl. List of Oil Benefits I now believe in essential oils.

LSU also helps tons of students who are struggling. They have a whole service just for mental health. If you are like me though asking for help only creates more anxiety. However, we make it seem worse than it really will be. We think the absolute worst things that could happen and end up talking ourselves out of getting us help. If you step out and get that help though you will feel so much better. LSU Mental Health Service This website will show you all LSU's mental health service has to offer. You can choose to use it or not. However, they will always be there.

Now if you choose not to go to the mental health center like I did, you will have so much baggage attached to you that eventually, you will explode. You take care of everyone else, except yourself. You have to focus on you for at least a little while. Express your feelings with someone. If not a doctor or therapist at least a friend. I have some amazing friends that I met through LSU and they forced me to talk when they knew I would pop soon. They were the people I confided in. They made me feel better than anyone has ever made me feel. Talk to your friends, they want to help you.

Lastly, I want to tell you that it will be tough. You will still have outbursts and random moments where you feel blue. But now you have friends that check up on you. Friends that understand you need reassurance sometimes. Friends who will help you. Not all the time will you want to be with your friends either and they get that you need alone time. When you need those little breaks to yourself do something refreshing. I always had classes in Lockett and on days I knew I needed a break I would go see Mike. Something about him would just calm me. He may not work for you but find something that does.

LSU is such a great and helpful campus that you will be blown away. The stress and anxiety may get better or it may not. But please know that you are not alone. There are several people going through the same thing you are. There are several people feeling the same way you feel. But you will never know unless you talk about it. If you bottle it up, it will only make it worse. I hope this helped someone because it helped me get through the most stressful year of my life (so far).

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