Ok folks—we all know about this terrifying word.

The word that causes us to put off responsibilities and ultimately make us more stressed.

The word we are all thinking of—procrastination.

How do we overcome?

Can we overcome it?

Is there any way out?

I am going to venture to answer these questions.

Why is procrastination a huge problem for us today?

I think in simple terms, it is a big problem for us today because of our society. We are surrounded by amazing technology, computers, cell phones, tablets and smart watches. They are always offering ways to get out of doing what we should be doing. All of these items are calling for our names constantly, and most of the time we want to relax and watch Netflix when we know that there are other things that we should be doing.

I think also another issue with procrastination today is that people have simply begun to accept it—like some kind of incurable disease. In so many ways people think procrastination is just who we are, and it's always understandable. In our society, if we are expected to be people that are not exhausted all the time and operating on an empty tank constantly. We have to use the time we are given in the day usefully so we are able to rest at night.

Even as I am writing this article it is midnight on a Sunday night where I have so much other homework to do— procrastination is a hard thing to avoid. But we can handle it much better if we blot out time to work hard, but also blot out time to seriously rest.

Which bring me back to my first point, we have to learn how to rest. Resting for us is viewed as watching a tv show or something, but resting really means unplugging for a time and simply just enjoying the silence that life rarely offers.

Is this a losing battle?

Definitely not! I realize that the previous statement has almost no weight to it because I am a college student that struggles in this area, but there have been points in the semester where I have worked hard. However, I also rested just as much and have felt so successful.

But honestly, the decision to overcome procrastinate or not comes down to one person, and that person is you. Like many things in life, it is a personal decision to decide what the outcome will be.

So are you ready to overcome it?