Sometimes we get lost, not only in who we want to be but in who others expect we'll become. Life's a journey and although we have dreams and goals of everything we could possibly want, it's difficult getting there. We make decisions and mistakes that make us question the very person we are becoming. Regret may take over. And as I've said many times, what happens in the past can't be changed. The problem now becomes more of who we want to be compared to what others expect. We fight with ourselves— a battle in itself— then we fight with the expectations of others.

Take Mia Thermopolis for example, she went along living her invisible life when along came Julie Andrews to shake things up. Becoming the possible heir to the Genovian throne gave Mia all sorts of expectations. From her grandmother to the Genovians and then the press. She struggled with all sorts of pressure, all because people expected her to act a certain way. Mia struggled. There were times when she just couldn't handle all the attention her bloodline gave her, but in a way we all face expectations we can't handle.

What changed for Mia was her understanding of what becoming a princess might entail. It meant following certain rules and guidelines, but it also meant being herself in the spotlight. She had to come to terms with people not agreeing with her and making a fuss about the decisions she made. Mia struggled, not because she questioned her own decisions, but because others made her question her confidence in them. It took awhile, but Mia finally realized that her decisions shouldn't change because of what people expected, they should only change with what she expected of herself.

What we can learn from this is the fact that, of course, no one's opinions of you should change who you are, but even their expectations shouldn't shake the ground you walk on. For many people this includes family. Parents and siblings are stereotypically more outspoken in what they expect out of us. Sometimes teachers and peers put on the same pressure. It is important to address their concerns, but once again, it should be what you want out of life. You're the one who ultimately lives with the results of your decisions.

Learning from Mia means knowing when the world thinks you made a mistake, it doesn't mean you have to agree. No matter how many people are watching your choices, they're still yours. You get to decide what was a mistake and what was a triumph. Not everyone will agree with you, and that's okay. Life is about learning and growing. Others will expect things, but none of that should change what you expect out of yourself.