13 Things To Do When School Stresses You Out
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Student Life

13 Things To Do When School Stresses You Out

8. Cry it out

13 Things To Do When School Stresses You Out

College is real fun, but also real hard. As the year progresses, the stress of school and weekly activities seeps into your life little by little until its time for finals and you want to cry. As this happens, you can try to stay mindful in these ways throughout the year to relieve the stress every once and a while. Give yourself some weekly reprieves from the pressure of impending adulthood and independence.

1. Find weekly activities off of campus

Sure, campus is great. Lots of fun, friends, and good places to study, but you've gotta get out of there sometimes. Finding something to do away from school once a week can give you a little bit of reprieve from the stressful environment. Highly recommend.

2. Go to bed early (even if you still have work)

This is a foreign concept to many college students, but working into the late hours is actually not great for your physical and mental health. Homework will never be more important than your health!!!

3. When you would normally watch tv, read a book for leisure

Netflix is addicting, okay. But it also kills your brain cells and keeps you awake later than you need to be. Try reading a book before bed!

4. Go to a Bible Study or Prayer group

This always helps me remember what's more important than school, and lets me know the bigger picture. School isn't the world, although it does feel like it sometimes.

5. Morning exercises

Got some time before your first class? Morning runs are the BEST or you can just head to the gym and shower before class!

6. Yoga

I'm not very good at this, personally, but a lot of college students go to yoga as a way to relax before/after a busy day.

7. Lay in bed or outside and listen to music

Sometimes you just need a breather or a cat nap, ya know?

8. Cry it out

This one does not really warrant an explanation. You know what to do.

9. Hot tea and chats

I would say coffee, but then you'll be all strung out and that just isn't good for anyone.

10. Find a friend who is also stressed and bond over your mutual struggles

College is like built in friends! There's probably a lot of people who are feeling the same way as you right about now. Talk it out.

11. Talk to someone you know who made it through college and remind yourself of the light at the end of the tunnel

Believe it or not, many have done this before you, and for some reason, many will do it afterward. Talk to someone who made it out alive, recently. Realize it's not forever.

12. Just go for a walk

Spend some time outside admiring all the pretty things on your campus for a while. Remind yourself why you came!!

13. Go to the grocery store or anywhere nearby to remind yourself that there is a world outside of campus that is not as stressed out as you are

Like we talked about earlier, bigger picture!!!

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