10 Reasons You're Dead To Me This Summer If You Haven't Binged 'Dead To Me'

Netflix once again hit it out of the park with 'Dead To Me'. It has become the must see show of the summer. I binged it in literally two days so trust me when I say that it is the best show to come out this summer. But it has officially been renewed for season 2, which means that you all need to start watching ASAP!

Its all about strong female leads

Jen and Judy have been through the worst of it and still managed to show that people can get through it. They thrived in the face of adversity and had fun with it.

Jen and Judy's friendship is the highlight of the show 

Yes there was some history there, but still their friendship was amazing.

It shows the different ways that people handle grief 

Jen cried and was angry because of her husband's death. While Judy was trying to replace her guilt and used friendship and help. It really showed the different ways, but at the same time it was funny and light.

The actual plot is to 'die for' 

it has twists and turns and drama. Plus the suspense is thrilling, all leading up the fateful last episode.

Two words......Dark Humor 

This show is full of dark humor, which honestly is the best kind of humor.

Christina Applegate KILLED it as Jen 

Honestly I cannot describe enough how perfectly she played the angry, grieving window. You just have to watch for yourself to see how amazing she did.

James Marsden

Remember the prince from 'Enchanted', well he is not so prince like not, but he is still as enchanting as ever to look at.

Sassy Gay best friend/business partner 

Every great show has one. This one is no different.

The writing is grade A 

Not many shows have writing that is this amazing. There are no lines that are bad and the story is even better. If you truly want to see some of the best writing, watch this show NOW.

It was just renewed for season 2 

So many questions that we need answers to! How did Steve end up in the pool? Will Judy and Jen be able to repair their friendship? What will Nick do now that he knows the truth about Judy? How will they be able to beat the first season?

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