To The One That Got Away: Daylongs

I remember being together like it was yesterday. We were so happy. I was wearing a fuzzy pink sweatshirt and you— well, you were a little cold towards me. I should've realized there that it would be the last time we'd be together for a while. I took you for granted and I will forever regret that.

You were such a bright light in my life. You helped motivate me each day because I looked forward to being together every Saturday. The weeks would just fly by. You looked so good in that bright blue color you'd outline yourself in. No one else I know can pull that color off besides you.

I should've treasured you more, and I'm sorry.

You weren't just good to me, but to all of my friends. Whenever I mentioned you, their faces would brighten. You didn't just bring the creativity out in me, but also in them. We'd celebrate you each and every week as we were clad in silly shirts and hilarious outfits.

Enclosed in those fences, we felt invincible.

We could do anything. If we wanted to dance, we were allowed to dance. If we wanted to chat, we were able to chat. If we wanted to play a drinking game, well you better get your ass to the table quick because slap cup doesn't wait for anybody.

We frolicked from yard to yard. Skipping and laughing, water bottles in hand. From days seeing everyone you've ever met in DU's backyard to peaking like you've never peaked before in the pit at Sammy. Or when it got too cold to bear we were always welcomed into Sig Ep to listen to Shevy kill it with the throwbacks.

You brought everyone together to truly enjoy themselves.

I see you at other schools now, spreading your joy and showing off your charm there. It feels like I'm getting cheated on, though that's not the case. You dumped me on my ass, leaving Snapchat as the only way for me to see you.

I don't know how to say goodbye for good. You were such an important part of my life. Our relationship may only have been for a year and a half, but it felt like I've known you forever.

I'll miss the silly outfits. I'll miss the champagne brunches. I'll miss the opportunity to wear my heart-shaped sunglasses. I'll miss all those conversations I was actually able to have with strangers I haven't seen since.

I will miss the surplus of Converse and Adidas sneakers and how we'd always go to Chipotle after the madness ended. And above all, I'll miss the joy you brought to our lives. I'm grateful to have known you for a short amount of time.

Thanks to you, I've created memories I will cherish forever.

Here's to the laughter, the memories, and the dizzy bat games. No other "darty," or "day-drink," or "dage" can compare. We had a good run, but all good things must come to an end. I'll find a way to move on.

But no matter what— I'll always love you, Daylongs.

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