It comes twice a year and ruins your life. It's Daylight Savings. Personally, Spring is my favorites Daylight Savings because the time moves forward, so when I wake up at 7 a.m. instead of 6 a.m., I get to freak out because I'm going to be late!

Why does the time even need to change in the first place?

Daylight Savings was widely practiced in European countries, like Austria, before it was implemented in the United States. A matter of fact, Benjamin Franklin proposed the idea of Daylight Savings as a way to save on the cost of light by observing the French...kind of. Benjamin Franklin was woken up by the sun at 6 a.m., which was unusual for him, and he estimated that the French must save $200 million dollars a year by waking up so early.

Then, he probably went back to sleep.

Daylight Savings was not implemented in the United States until 1918. Many people believe it was an effort to allow farmers more time to work the fields. Actually, farmers lobbied to end Daylight Savings only a year later, in 1919 because it disrupted their work schedule. It wasn't until World War II, when we were all really poor, and flooding all our government money into war, that we decided maybe we should find a way to save money.

At this time, Daylight Savings was put into practice as a way to be more efficient with fuel use, but after the war ended states hazardously decided when they wanted to implement Daylight Savings Time.

It wasn't till the 60s that Daylight Savings was given a national start and end date that we know today. Spring forward, fall backward. Still, Arizona and Hawaii, as well as many of the US territories, do not practice Daylight Savings at all.

In many of these places, the climate is so hot and sunny already, Daylight Saving is kind of pointless. Florida has been on the fence about joining Hawaii and Arizona, since we do have similar climates, but for now - hope you're enjoying your extra hours of daylight.