The Daily Struggles Of Being An Old Soul
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The Daily Struggles Of Being An Old Soul

"Grandma chic."

The Daily Struggles Of Being An Old Soul

I feel that our culture sometimes forgets about us old soul individuals -- lingering around restlessly, with so much to say, but not finding the right way to say it because that is one of our downfalls. Old souls have so much to offer, but we struggle to find the ways to make that happen. Being an old soul myself, I know the constant, everyday grapples that we have to face just to make it through the day. I'm happy to be who I am, but it doesn't come without its struggles.

1. We sometimes "feel" old.

We feel like grandparents to people that are even the same age as us. I've always felt that way myself, since I was a little kid. I know that I feel like a grandma with my generation, and it's not just something that we can "turn off." There's a reason that we feel like seventy-year-old people in 20-somethings bodies.

2. We never really felt like we fit in.

It's like we're in this weird in between where we feel like we're accepted, but at the same time, we feel like aliens because we haven't exactly found what we are looking for, yet. We're constantly trying to find our circle of people that will understand us and see the good in us, but it's not simple because of how our personalities are made up. We're weird and awkward at times, and it's almost as though we force ourselves to feel like we don't fit in. Either way, it's a lonely feeling.

3. Older generations don't take us seriously because we're still younger.

I was quite precocious when I was little, and as I transformed into a teenager, I found myself bonding with older people, finding comfort and amazement in conversations with elderly -- more so than those of my generation. But at the same time, there are still people of the older crowd that still see us as young millennials who have no idea what we are talking about -- when that's not exactly true. We just want somewhere to belong.

4. People our age think that we are boring.

People have a hard time understanding that we don't have to have fun all the time. We don't mind being alone, reading a book, watching a good movie, going for a walk, listening to music, writing or recharging. People think that we are buzzkills or don't know how to have a good time because we're comfortable with being alone and taking it easy -- when we're anything but. Just talk to us and you will find out that we're not boring. There is so much pressure on old souls who are a part of the millennial generation because partying equaling a good time, is so prevalent.

5. Finding a significant other who understands us or thinks the same way is tough.

You've probably heard the phrase, "Being a romantic in a hookup culture is hell." Yes? Well, it's true. Old souls are romantics and we love -- hard. We want the ultimate relationship with someone, we want it to be real and incredible and we won't settle for anything less. But sometimes, it feels like that is far within our reach.

6. We can be hyper sensitive.

When it seems like it's not a big deal to someone else, it's the world to you. Someone made fun of you, or was joking around harmlessly, but you see it as something more and become hurt and quite offended. Welcome to the world of an old soul. This happens frequently, and when it does, we find ourselves obsessing over the occurrence, judging ourselves even more for being so damn sensitive while everyone else let it roll off of their backs. Sighs...

7. We went through life crisis' early on, as well as worrying a lot at from a young age.

We worried so much at such a young age, and over things that we shouldn't have been worrying about. It was like we were over our heads, thinking about the future too much, overanalyzing and asking questions from the perspective of a 30-year-old.

8. We become easily emotionally drained.

People can be so exhausting and we just need time to escape the world for a little bit, collect ourselves, clear our heads, and then remember who we are and what makes us happy before going back out into reality again. Some people can go from place to place without feeling like they're going to collapse. For us old souls, we need time to breathe.

9. We speak entirely different languages.

We might as well be aliens if I am being honest. It's difficult having a conversation with someone because we feel like we're not fully clicking, and then we have that moment of feeling self-conscious or judged by that person. There are times where I feel like I'm rambling on about something the opposite person could care less about or find boring or confusing.

10. We have been made fun of for liking certain things at our age.

It could be a collection of postage stamps, or having a strange but cool obsession with old Hollywood horror films. When I was young, I was in love with golden age films starring Shirley Temple, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe in them. In seventh grade, I was obsessed with comedian Jerry Lewis, and I would come home from school every day to watch "The Nutty Professor" or "It's A Wonderful Life" -- especially when I was alone and battling my newfound depression. I loved Alfred Hitchcock films in eighth grade and I loved Audrey Hepburn. Nobody really understood at the time. But whatever they may be, they are special to us. I sought comfort in them, and I still do.

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