A Day In The Life Of An Elf On The Shelf
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A Day In The Life Of An Elf On The Shelf

A Day In The Life Of An Elf On The Shelf
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Hi, I'm Lucky!

I'm sure you have all heard of the elves on the shelves. We are elves, working for Santa, sent to the homes of children during the holiday season. The hope is to keep the Christmas spirit alive in kids longer and promote good behavior by being able to watch over when grown-ups are not around. Each night we move around, creating a fun game for kids each morning as they hop out of bed and journey throughout the house looking for us. There is a catch though. If a child touches and elf on the shelf, we lose our Christmas magic and cannot fly anymore. I'm here to give you the inside scoop about what it is like being Santa's right hand man this time of year.

Day 1:

My first day in the Smith Household, I made a friend. Little Angela has this baby doll named Jack. We hit it off right away and ended up in the most intense poker game. Jack fell asleep on me halfway through the night, but I can't complain. I won more mints than I would ever know what to do with because he didn't pose very much competition anyways.

Day 2:

Then next night I went in search of more competitors. I played scrabble with the incredible hulk who was always angry and spelling words such as "grrr" and "smash". Then, there was rag doll Suzie and her ballerina friend. They were pretty decent at the game, but gossiped about a a hot Ken doll the whole time. My last competitor was Manny the T-Rex. Now this is a guy I feel bad for, his little arms could reach any of the pieces. After this hot mess, I decided to create some fun for myself, little did I know how mischievous that could get.

Days 3-10:

My fun started off innocent and productive. I made Angela and her little sister Elizabeth breakfast, packed their lunches for school, brought them surprise gifts like lip gloss, candies, and Christmas trinkets.

Day 11:

I got into Mommy's makeup. Seeing all the colors, I got so enchanted and had to try out a few looks. I thought I did a very good job, that is until Mommy came downstairs the next day, and oh was she mad!

Day 12-17:

From replacing the toilet paper with duck tape, to wrapping things in wrapping paper, and writing notes to my favorite little girls in everything from toothpaste to food, I made quite the mess and definitely wreaked some havoc. The kids loved it though. Hearing Angela and Elizabeth giggle every morning at the pranks I pulled made me proud to be able to be in their home this season.

Day 18-19:

On day 18 I found me a sweet ride in the bottom of the toy box. Only problem was it didn't run. I spent two whole nights fixing up this beauty, but it was totally worth it. I rode around in this baby and took lots of selfies to send back to my boys at the North Pole to make them jealous. I was the most stylish elf around.

Day 20:

When I figured out that string and a binder clip from the kitchen drawer made an excellent zip line, there was no stopping me. This was by far the best adventure I had this December. There is something about zipping back and forth high above the living room with the wind blowing through my hair that I found exhilarating.

Day 21:

Oh yeah, and there was that day where I thought I was Drake. Good thing the girls couldn't hear my raps. I was one hot elf, but i don't know that rapping is really my forte. Perhaps I'll leave that to the professionals from now on.

Day 22:

Maybe it was the bomb zip line, or maybe it was my Drake impersonation, but 3 days before Christmas I met a beautiful girl named Barbie. It sucks that I only had so little time with her, but I'll be back next year. After all, without me, who would watch over Angela and Elizabeth.

Day 23:

Oh the glorious day when I discovered the photocopier. We don't have these in the North Pole, so I did not know when I saw it, what it was. The day when I decided to check it out was super fun. I made 30 photocopies of my butt. Hehe.

Day 24:

Christmas Eve was the hardest night of them all!! Saying goodbye to the family I had grown so dear to over the course of the season. Alas I had to get back to the North Pole. After shedding a few tears, I packed up, said my goodbyes, and promised to return again next year.

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