A Day In The Life Of A College Student As Told By Gifs

As a college student, my days are kind of hectic. In order for me to share my hectic experience with you, I decided I would write about my typical day ... in gifs.

Waking Up ... It's A Nightmare.

No one wants to get up for an 8:00 a.m. and no one dreads it more so than me. I literally have to fight with myself to actually get out of bed and go to class, but that's a part of the college experience.

Getting Ready For The Day...

I hate when I just woke up at 7:00 a.m. and I have to rush to brush my teeth, shower, fix my hair, pack my bag, and get dressed for class. Not to mention actually get to class on time. All in an hour! If I oversleep, then my entire day is off track.

Trying to Stay Awake in Class...

It's almost like teachers don't understand the struggle of waking up so early in the morning. Coffee might help them but it does not help me!

Nap Time!

College students tend to have the shortest "naps" ever. Sometimes we take 20 minute naps just in order for us to stay awake in the next class. Thank goodness for the short breaks in between classes. Keeping college students awake since forever.

Lunch Time (aka Social Time)

Lunch is like the perfect time to just chill out. You may wonder why I didn't include breakfast. It may be the most important meal of the day, but it's not worth losing sleep overt. I don't wake up on time for that, so lunch usually happens around 11 a.m. for me. I meet a bunch of my friends in the cafeteria and we sit around and talk. It is the best time of the day. We have political debates, we reveal who is a fashion criminal that day, we talk about how gross the food is even though we are eating it anyway, people watch, and we even study together sometimes. Lunch is usually the best time of the day.

Afternoon Classes

Afternoon classes aren't that bad, but if you are like me, it can be kind of hard to stay awake in a p.m. class.


Dinner is pretty much a repeat of lunch except we are all eating much quicker in order to get back to our rooms and do homework, study, shower and sleep.

Do Homework, Study, Etc.

Doing homework and studying are two things I quickly get done when I get back to my room after dinner. The reason for this I know I have to get up early the next day so I can't stay up all night studying!

Getting Ready for Bed

This is the best part of the entire day ... the part when I can relax. I take a nice shower, brush my teeth, clean my room from the chaos of the day, and I watch television so I can remain sane.


This is the time of the day where I lay down and peacefully wait for sleep. This being the most peaceful and reflective time of day.

Do It All Again ...

And it all starts over! It's definitely worth it, though. College has been the best time of my life and I am excited about my next two years of this cycle on repeat. Everyday has a different version so it never gets old!

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