Law professor, David Case, at the University of Mississippi is all about his Ole Miss Rebels, and his Twitter account is the perfect platform to reach Rebel fans that are just as wild about their Rebels as he is. If you want to learn more about Professor Case and his Twitter usage (which I highly suggest you do), wrote a story about him and his account.

For now, though, I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorite tweets of his so far in 2019!!!

1. Tony vs bulldog

If you're an Ole Miss fan or even if you're not an Ole Miss fan but at least pay somewhat attention to football, then you know that the Mississippi State Bulldogs are our rival, which is what makes this tweet so hilarious.

2. Winning games and then battling the refs 

No matter the sport, we tend to be doing really well and then the game turns over to us vs the refs instead of us vs the other team.

3. Waffle House

Many Ole Miss students and members of the Oxford community REALLY want a Waffle House in Oxford. There is even an Instagram dedicated to trying to get one in Oxford!

4. The rise of Ole Miss sports

5. Celebration when Ole Miss athletics is on the come up

6. Kroger

The Oxford Kroger needs a MAJOR makeover. There are way too many students on top of the permanent Oxford residents to have THAT SMALL of a Kroger.

7. Bama game 2018

We will always remember the first few seconds of the Ole Miss/ Alabama game in Vaught Hemingway Stadium when we scored our one and only touchdown of the game.

8. Ole Miss basketball is rocking this season with new coach, Kermit Davis

9. Morgan Freeman

Ole Miss fans definitely hold pride in the fact that Morgan Freeman is a fan and comes to our games.

10. Powder blue

Many don't know the story behind why powder blue is one of Ole Miss' colors, (here's the link to the story if you want to know!!) but everyone LOVES it!

11. Betty White

Never forget when she was the celebrity to say "Are You Ready?" at one of the football games.

12. The accurate description of what it's like to be an Ole Miss fan

13. The Ole Miss Snow Chicken

14. Waffle House part two 

The official Ole Miss account on Twitter ran a poll asking its followers what restaurant they'd like to have in Oxford in their perfect world. Although Whataburger might have been winning in the polls, there were still many Waffle House enthusiasts calling for Waffle House to be brought to Oxford.

15. Club Reb at the basketball games

16. Katy Perry 

We will never forget when Katy Perry was in Oxford with College Game Day in 2014.

17. The Breeland Speaks wave gif

This wave was made to a camera after recovering a fumble in the Egg Bowl in 2017. Priceless!

18. Katy Perry part two 

19. Beating Bama in 2014

The picture says enough.

20. Vacating wins but we were there... we know how the games really turned out


If you have kept up with Ole Miss AT ALL in the last few years, then you know we've sort of had a mascot identity crisis.

22. We're a BIG athletics school, so choosing which game to go to can be tough