Dave Rygalski is the true catch
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Forget Dean, Jess, Logan, And Luke, Dave Rygalski Is The True Stars Hollow Hunk

Gone too soon.

Forget Dean, Jess, Logan, And Luke, Dave Rygalski Is The True Stars Hollow Hunk

Some of you might be thinking... who? So let me jog your 2003 Gilmore Girls memory. Dave Rygalski was Lane's OG band member. He ate Ms. Kim's egg salad for her. He even played hymns on the guitar for her. HE READ THE BIBLE IN ONE NIGHT FOR HER. Dave and Lane had the ultimate romance blooming, but alas Alam Brody got a part on The OC and left before season 4. Oh what could have been. So let's take a look at what could have been if Stars Hollow hadn't missed out on the best character yet, even if he only appeared in 9 episodes.

1. The band could have stayed together 


Forget Hep Alien. I miss the OG band (sorry Gil).

2. She wouldn't have married Zach


Zach is a dud and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Lane deserves better.... aka Dave. But this scene is kinda cute.

3. We could have seen some more sick sweaters 


Say what you want, but Dave has the most wholesome wardrobe in the whole series.

4. There could have been more scenes like this


Ah, when Ms. Kim meets the band at the stop light. Dave is a pro under pressure. Which only shows how much he cares for Lane and wants to date her. I'm hoping there are more boys like Dave in 2019.

5. Or this


Reading the whole bible in a night. Weird flex but ok.

6. Or this


When boys are direct and tell you how they feel >

Ok, you get the point, "Gilmore Girls" should have fought for Adam Brody to stay on the show and 16 years later and I'm still not over it.

Also fun fact: he is currently happily married to Leighton Meester (aka Blair from Gossip Girl). We LOVE early 2000s TV show romances.

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