Honestly part of me is writing this because I need to get it through my head myself and part of me is writing this because I know that i'm not the only one who struggling with this.

To any daughter who has a father that has hurt them,

There are a thousand different ways a father can hurt their daughter. But there are zero excuses to why they should.
Maybe your father missed some special events in your life and it hurt you. Maybe he missed a birthday, several birthdays, or every birthday. Maybe he wasn't there for Christmas when you were younger so you didn't ever get the opportunity to run and jump in your parents bed to eagerly wake them up so you could see what Santa Clause brought you or what's under the tree. Maybe he missed the Easter egg hunts and the annual Sunday Easter family picture. Maybe he missed the family circle time where you told everyone what you were thankful for on Thanksgiving and everyone noticed you never were able to truly say you were thankful for your father because he wasn't there. Maybe he missed Halloween and didn't get to see you all dressed up ready to go beg for candy from random strangers. Maybe he wasn't there when you were scared on a hay ride. Maybe he wasn't there on fathers day. Maybe on fathers day he made you feel fatherless. Maybe he wasn't there when the school held the "Doughnut's for Dad". Maybe he wasn't there for dance recitals or ball games. Maybe he wasn't there the day you got your licence. Maybe he wasn't there when you received your class ring. Maybe he wasn't there for class day or senior dinner. Maybe he wasn't there for rewards day. Maybe he wasn't there when you signed to play ball for the college you've been dreaming about for years. Maybe he didn't even know you had a dream college. Maybe he wasn't there for graduation. Some of us have Grandparents, Uncles, Older brothers, or even step dad's that's been there for things that your fathers missed out on. But some of us didn't have that. I'm thankful i'm one of the few that did have it.
Your father may have been there for the younger years and just missed the years as you were older. Either way it's his lost.

Maybe your father talked to you really bad. Maybe he got so anger at you and he couldn't hold back. Maybe he said you acted just like your mama and that wasn't a compliment. Maybe he screamed at you in front of a lot of people that you weren't ever going to amount to anything and that you were worthless. Maybe he called you a whore. Maybe he called you fat and told you to stop eating so much.Maybe said he hated you. Maybe he said you ruined his life. Maybe he told you he asks himself daily why he had to have you as a daughter.

Maybe he made you feel worthless.

I'm here to tell you that you are worth so much more than he makes it out to be. You are beautiful. You are just like your mama but i'm here to tell you that if you think it's a compliment then that's what you should take it as. My mama is the strongest women I know and she is so much better of a women then I am so I can only hope to be what she is one day. If he screams at you the only problem in that situation is him because he is the adult so he'll always be the one in the wrong. If he told you that you will never amount to anything PROVE HIM WRONG. Go show him just how much you'll be set your goals high as possible and aim for the sky you can do anything you set your mind to. If he called you worthless, please know that he can't begin to measure your worth. You're worth is so much no one but God can measure it. That day he called you a whore? That's the day that he really tore you apart because you go through life daily getting called mean names by guy so why do you have to be called that by your father. He called you fat? Told you to stop eating? Just know that the number on the scale will never be who you are. You are worth more than that number. He hates you, You ruined his life? He wonders why he had to have a daughter like you? Tell him to hit the road. You don't need no one in your life that doesn't want to be there.

If your anything like me then you'll see pictures of your friends and their dad's and wish you could have that. You'll see articles and wonder why you cant have that. But that's okay because your stronger because of this.

Realize I keep saying father instead of Daddy. No "Daddy" will treat there daughter this way no excuses.