I don't know about you but I think a guy (in my case, since I'm a girl) in uniform is extremely hot. I have no idea why I'm attracted to them. They're just my type and I can't help it. They're still my type after years of being hurt by them though. I keep thinking they're going to change, that they're a good person. And some of them are a good person! But sometimes the timing isn't right.

There are many reasons why dating a military person is a bad idea but the number one reason is that they leave for a long period of time. They go on deployment for 7+ months and probably won't keep in contact for that time. They are always busy during deployment and don't have time to message you. Those 7+ months is a long time and it's hard because you're waiting and you don't know if they'll be the same when they come back. You basically don't know anything. Yeah, they'll come back after those 7+ months but they will eventually leave again for a second deployment or third or fourth.

Even when they come back, they're still working long hours. So another reason why it's a bad idea is that they're always busy at work. They work every day of the week and every day they might work long hours. So they're always tired and won't have the energy to hang out with you. They're tired, busy, and just annoyed with life so sometimes when they text you they might seem annoyed and not interested at all. That has happened to me and I've been offended/hurt by this. I know they don't mean to come off like that so I try not to take offense by this but I still do either way.

What annoys me so much is that when they're busy or just don't want to talk, they don't tell us. They ignore us and leave girls wondering what they did wrong. They think we're crazy for constantly texting them and calling them, but they're the ones that made us crazy for not giving us an explanation! This goes out to all guys, not just military people. Text girls back! Don't leave them wondering what went wrong.

Some, not all, are just plain rude and they think they're all that because they're in the military. Don't get me wrong. I am very thankful for them to serve our country, whether it be in the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, or Coast Guard. We owe our lives to them for protecting us. But sometimes they treat other people rude just because they think they're above us. I'm not saying all of them. I've encountered several of these types of people. But I'm a girl who is basically in love with military people so I won't realize that they're rude until I'm hurt.

They're always so busy that they're not really looking for a relationship. They just want the benefits without the title, which is not something that most girls want. If you ever find someone like this, get out of that situation quickly!

I know the reasons why dating them is a bad idea isn't their fault. They joined the military so they're always going to be busy. They're going to leave and they can't do anything about it.

Even though I've explained many reasons why it's a bad idea, I still want to date them because they're so attractive. This lifestyle hurts. I should just date normal guys.