I remember being a little girl telling my mom in as serious of a voice as a three-year-old can have that "I'm going to steal Daddy from you one day." I was just like every other little girl who idolized their dad to such an extreme they wanted to marry him. There are some days where I wish I could be little me again, holding onto dad's hand and knowing with absolute certainty that he was never going to let me down. He is and always has been the one man that I can count on for anything and everything. But, I'm no longer that little girl who dreams of marrying her dad one day, now I look for a guy who reminds me of my dad. In order to find a good guy that dad will approve of, let alone be like him, I've realized taking advice from him actually may not be a bad idea. So, here are a few of the best pieces of advice dad has ever given me.

1. Realize What You Want And Set Set Standards Based On That

As my Dad says, "It's important to know who you are, what you believe in, and what you want. If you don't know what you want, it'll be pretty difficult finding someone who has similar values as you. By setting a standard for what you will and won't do and the type of person you'd be willing to get to know, you're saving yourself a lot of heartache and precious time."

2. Stay True To Who You Are, You'll Attract The Right Person Eventually

"People change who they are to fit in with what's cool, but that probably isn't who they are so they'll never be happy. If you want to be happy, then don't change who you are, stick to your guns and be patient. Eventually, when you're not looking or expecting it, you'll realize that the person you want is right in front of you and probably seen the real you."

3. Never Be Afraid To Be Yourself

"Everyone who knows you knows that you love tractors and peanut butter. There will be people who think collecting tractors or tractor pulling is ridiculous but it's important to you (and myself). The right person for you won't look at you and wonder, 'is she crazy?' even though they know that you have a lot of weird quirks.

8. Always Be Open To Try New Things

"You're an only child so you're used to doing whatever you want but life can't always be like that. You have to be willing to try things that are important to other people like hunting because who knows, you might just end up liking it. Plus, it's a way to bond and create memories. Put yourself out there and be young but, do not be young and dumb."

My dad is the man who loved me first and will always hold a place in my heart (or most it actually). He has always been my father but in recent years, he's become a friend. Without the guidance he's given me in recent years, his strong shoulder to lean on, or hand to hold, I'd be lost in this crazy world or hook-ups and almost dating. Thanks to my dad, I know that it's okay to be who I am because eventually, I'll find what I'm looking for: someone who can be my best friend and laugh with me about anything and everything that life throws our way.